AppMan & SKY ICT join hands for earnings growth in e-KYC market share with the advanced OCR technology & Face Recognition.



  • Bangkok, 30th July 2021

AppMan has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SKY ICT for leveraging on both Optical Character Recognition technology and Face Recognition, which aim to create a new level of infrastructure. The MOU is expected to pave the way for one-stop e-KYC service in the areas of security and economies of scale for all sizes of entrepreneurs both private/public companies and governors. These technologies can be applied in different industries such as Banking and Financial, Insurance, Logistic, Healthcare and Education. 

Mr. Sithidej Mayalarp, Director and Chief Executive Officer, SKY ICT Public Company Limited.  said, “ We could say that the identification & verification of a customer’s identity under Know Your Customer (e-KYC) process is the future of technology. It plays an important role in the security part of an online business’s platform. We, one of the leaders in security technology companies, collaborate with AppMan, a number one in OCR technology specially expertise on THAI alphabet reading. We will combine our competitive advantage technology in order to support e-KYC services not only domestically but also globally.”

We are experts on AI technology, especially Face Recognition technology ,of which we are an authorized partner with SenseTime. We are also leveraging AppMan advanced OCR technology to create an incremental business value of e-KYC service under cybersecurity standards for both private business and governor in the digital world.”,  Mr. Sithidej Mayalarp concluded:

According to a double expert in technology, The OCR technology is an advanced feature that allows users to scan and extract information ID cards or other government documents into an editable text file on any online platforms. Face Recognition is the software that maps, analyzes, and then confirms the identity of a face in a photograph.



OCR technology & Face Recognition will be advantageous to private business and governors in terms of helping detect fraud and identity theft, protect the risk of acting against the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), quick retrieve the data from the database, reduce time on analysis and correction and reduce overlapping tasks comparing to original face to face identification & verification. 

Additionally, the strength points of AppMan OCR technology & Face Recognition are high accuracy rate, high cybersecurity under banking grade standard and cost-effectiveness. The service fee per transaction is compatible for all sizes of business.

Mr.Thanapoom Chareonsiri, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of AppMan Company Limited said, “ Personal data is sensitive information, thereby, AppMan builds confidence to protect cybercrime by testing all our technology with external global auditor organization. We guarantee our solutions with CSA-Star Level 2 and ISO/IEC 27001. Moreover, our solutions are ready for Cloud service.”

“ On the global stage, the technology for e-KYC plays an important role in many industries such as, cryptocurrency and mutual fund brokerage securities applying OCR technology & Face Recognition during the onboarding process to eliminate anti money laundering.  Digital education businesses applying these technologies identify students during an exam.  

In Thailand, health care businesses also process digital onboarding before starting online video consultation. We expect to bring new business opportunities into the market after collaboration between two parties.” Mr.Thanapoom Chareonsiri, added.  

Based on the above mentioned, both parties aim to earn market share over different industries such as Banking and Financial, Logistic, Insurance, Education, Healthcare, Food Delivery, E-Commerce  and Governor that needs to identify & verify a customer’s identity process. 

SKY ICT Public Company Limited is a technology company that provides digital platforms and AI solutions. It aims to lift the society’s living standard into the next level by providing technology.

While AppMan is a leader in Intelligent Working Process (IWP) Technology and digital solutions. It is expert in OCR Technology, AI technology and Machine Learning for all businesses’ ecosystems according to global standards. 




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