Bitkub Appman OCR

Bitkub company’s background 

Bitkub is a cryptocurrency exchange platform in Thailand with a vision to alter the financial lifestyle of people by providing superior exchange services. Aim to make it easier for people to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies in Thailand. Bitkub focuses on offering a user-friendly experience by developing mobile applications and allowing people to access their accounts and trade more conveniently. The company achieved the 1st prize in Technology Awards Category (Blockchain) and the 2nd prize in Consumer Category at the Thailand ICT Awards (TICTA) 2022 contest.



As the number of people who want to purchase, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies has increased exponentially over the past few years, the number of people registering for Bitkub grows daily, resulting in vast amounts of data that necessitate manpower and may result in human mistakes during data entry. The company seeks automated methods to assure the precision of the information and the promptness of response. Most importantly Bitkub, like other cryptocurrency exchanges, is required to comply with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ’s regulations. 



To establish itself as a reliable and trustworthy exchange in the Thai marketม Bitkub ensures that the company complies with regulations through the use of AppMan E-KYC. The technology provides a faster, more accurate, and cost-effective way to verify the identity of customers while improving the security and privacy of customer information. Bitkub can now meet  SET requirements and helps simplify the onboarding experience for users,  resulting in a greatly increased satisfaction of investors.



Electronic authentication designed for all businesses or industries involved in account opening in  a single location.


Extract data from ID card and passport precisely with the speed of processing which can read both Thai and English.

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