We strengthen our bonds not only by being great colleagues but by being great persons too. We are open to break-through conflicts and wear the other’s shoes to understand each other at an emotional level.

We don’t stagger. We gather evidence and move forward thinking always in the best interest for the team. 

We can communicate clearly and efficiently with respect . We provide effective listening to everyone.

We want to leave a footprint in AppMan, customers and colleagues. We nurture, teach, support and move together to achieve results.

We stand tall and bright even in dark times. We are candid with everyone, trustworthy and transparent.

We are a diverse team that include others not only in conversation but consider their ideas and contributions without judgement.

We believe everyday gives a chance to learn something new. We search for improvement of ourselves and the whole team. “Mistakes are failures only if you don’t learn from them.” Fail – Learn – Share – Succeed

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