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Mobile Developer
We are looking for specialists in developing for Mobile or Tablet. We are especially interested in people who want to develop themselves, learn new things and moving forward with us. Our goal is to build apps that users love. You are familiar with Xcode toolchains and always look to optimize your code for user experience. Java / Kotlin / Swift / Objective-C

These are what we expect from you

iOS or Android developer responsible for the development and maintenance of applications 



- Experience developing iOS app in production stage

- You like coding UI and interaction on mobile

- Good coding skill and programatic understanding (the algo, the data struct, the logic)

- Love to write good code



- Good coding skill and programmatic understanding (the algo, the data struct, the logic)

- You can handle those pixel densities, various screen sizes issues, and hardware fragmentation. We test around 4 devices at the same time when building an app.

- Familiar with Android build systems, gradle, maven

- Love to write good code


Other skills that are GOOD to have

- Bachelor or Master's Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or related field.

- 1-5 years of experience in iOS Development or Android Development.

- Knowledge of the Objective-C programming, Java and Kotlin Android

- Experience creating, optimizing.

- Real knowledge in MVC, Functional reactive programming (RX), React Native

- Strong logic and responsibility.

- Fast learning and can work as a team.

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