5 Challenges for HR in 2024 

The position of Human Resources (HR) is not an easy one that anyone can simply undertake. Many may perceive it as solely being about hiring, but in reality, HR entails a multitude of responsibilities. These include recruitment, managing human resources within the organization, handling payroll, and looking after the well-being of employees, among others. Therefore, HR is a crucial role within an organization.

The main duties that everyone is familiar with regarding HR or Personnel include evaluating and hiring employees, managing employee attendance, including handling absences, leaves, and tardiness, as well as overseeing the payroll of all employees within the organization. However, in reality, the responsibilities of HR extend far beyond these tasks. There are many more pressures and additional duties that HR professionals must shoulder. HR professionals must constantly seek additional HR knowledge to develop themselves and confront challenges. So let’s take a look at the challenges of the HR profession in 2024.

1.Working in a hybrid format

The trend of working in a hybrid format has emerged since the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to changes in work systems. It began with the adoption of WFH (Work From Home) arrangements, which initially included 100% remote work and gradually shifted towards a hybrid model. This entails alternating between working in the office and WFH on a weekly basis. With employees adopting a hybrid work approach, HR departments themselves must adapt and modify work systems to align with the new working environment.

2.The possibility of increased resignation rates

In today’s era, many companies or organizations are facing an increase in employee resignations, which can occur with both planned and abrupt notices. This places a burden on HR or the organization itself, as they must continue operations. HR departments must handle and expedite the process of finding new employees to seamlessly continue operations. Therefore, when there’s an urgent need for new hires, expediting the process of conducting background checks on employees becomes necessary. Utilizing the AppMan Background Checker can help reduce waiting times for results and streamline the process, enabling simultaneous background checks on multiple candidates conveniently and swiftly.

3. The technology that takes a leap forward.

The HR department, responsible for human resource management, now leverages technology to streamline and simplify its operations, making them more efficient and convenient. HR professionals must continuously learn and develop themselves to keep pace with the ever-changing trends and ensure that the organization’s human resource systems progress in tandem with technology. For example, background checks are now conducted online, showcasing how HR adapts to technological advancements.

4.Employees lack loyalty to the organization.

In this era, workers often have the mindset of selling their skills for money rather than having enough loyalty to stay with the organization. There are various reasons for this, and nowadays, resilience is not necessarily a requirement in the workplace. Therefore, HR departments must prioritize maintaining the mental health and well-being of employees during work. These aspects are highly valued by the younger generation. If organizations and HR want to retain employees in the long term, they should prioritize compassion and ensure employees’ mental and emotional well-being as much as possible. This will foster a sense of loyalty and commitment from employees towards both their work and the organization.

5.The employee’s history does not match the job application.

The main task of the Human Resources (HR) department is to recruit and select new employees to work in various positions within the organization. This involves screening and interviewing candidates as part of the hiring process. Sometimes, applicants may falsify documents or provide false information on their resumes. Therefore, HR must thoroughly scrutinize documents and conduct background checks to build confidence in the organization that it is hiring suitable and safe employees. Therefore, employee background checks are crucial for the organization’s recruitment process.


The Human Resources (HR) department is another crucial position within an organization as it is responsible for managing the human resources within the organization. This includes tasks such as handling employee salaries, recruiting, and screening candidates for positions within the organization, as well as maintaining orderliness within the organization. Ensuring that the selection of employees aligns with the organization’s needs is essential. Therefore, conducting employee background checks and criminal record checks are crucial in fostering confidence within the organization. Nowadays, the use of technology goes hand in hand with background checks, such as with the Appman Background Checker, an online background checking service that is 100% compliant with PDPA laws, fast, convenient, and eliminates the need for HR to travel. In this modern era, HR departments should opt for such tools.

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