5 Methods for Developing Personnel that Modern Organizations Must Know

One of the key responsibilities of the HR department, aside from selecting employees to join the company, is to understand how to develop personnel to promote effective work. For an organization to progress, it not only relies on the abilities of the executives but also requires cooperation from the employees. Most employees already possess knowledge and skills in their roles, but how can their potential be maximized for the greatest benefit? Therefore, it is the HR department’s duty to find ways to develop personnel so that employees can work to their full potential without experiencing excessive stress or pressure.

Personnel Development Guidelines for Organizations in 2024

When talking about personnel development, many might first think of training sessions. However, skill development often arises from encouraging employees to have self-confidence, enthusiasm for work, and the ability to handle technological changes. AppMan has selected 5 personnel development methods that HR can apply as follows:

1. Promote Online Courses for Upskilling and Reskilling 

Nowadays, technology is rapidly changing, and new features are increasingly being applied to work. Therefore, employees need to learn new technologies they are unfamiliar with to upskill their work. Additionally, there is a need for reskilling or enhancing existing skills to maximize their benefits. If companies support learning courses, it will motivate employees to learn and further develop the organization.

2. Organize Workshops and Encourage Attendance at Seminars

Today, new skill workshops and seminars are regularly organized to promote learning. If organizations send employees to participate by covering the expenses, employees will gain new perspectives, ideas that can be applied to work, and connections that may benefit the organization in the future.

3. Support Learning with Book Allowances, Website Memberships, or Journals

Research indicates that reading helps develop rational analytical skills, stimulates brain function, and enhances focus. If organizations support employees in accessing more reading materials, whether books, e-books, or academic journals, these skills can be applied to work.

4. Provide Spaces for Employees to Engage in Stress-Relieving Activities 

Stress is an unavoidable factor in work. If accumulated, it can affect physical and mental health, leading to illness, lack of creativity, and pressure that impacts work. Therefore, companies should provide spaces for employees to engage in stress-relieving activities, such as board games, ping pong, or a beverage bar for relaxation and social interaction, which can also inspire new ideas for work.

5. Promote Physical and Mental Health for Employees

When people have good physical and mental health, they are more productive at work. Thus, promoting health for employees is crucial. If employees experience stress from work or the work environment, which may stem from various factors such as harassment or illness, the HR department should intervene and find solutions together.

Moreover, the HR department should be aware of potential workplace crimes since appearances can be deceiving, and there may be criminals hidden within the organization, causing trouble for the company or other employees.

These 5 personnel development methods shared by AppMan not only elevate the organization by creating knowledgeable and capable employees but also help retain employees for the long term, thereby building a strong and sustainable foundation for the organization.

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