An employer should know how to conduct criminal background checks and how to take care of employees

Taking care of employees is another crucial aspect that employers should consider in order to maintain the sustainability of the organization. As the growth of an organization relies on the strength and resilience of its employees, it is essential for employers to prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of their workforce. Therefore, employee care is another important factor that employers should take into account.

The background or personal history of employees that an organization is about to hire is something that employers should consider. From one perspective, it may be seen as a matter of privacy or personal information. However, for employers, these personal data are another factor to be considered in the hiring process. Many organizations therefore conduct criminal background checks on employees before hiring them, to instill confidence and trust in the workforce.

How should employers be informed about benefits?

Employees in every organization and company are crucial drivers. Every department, every position, every employee is important to the growth of the business. The work environment is something current employees consider, if they encounter a toxic environment, negative coworkers, and pressure from employers. The likelihood of employees choosing to resign is high. Therefore, employers should understand and take care of the mental well-being of employees to ensure happiness in the workplace.

1.Taking leave should not be complicated.

One major issue in the workplace is taking leave, whether it’s for personal reasons, illness, or arriving late. In some companies, employers may not understand these small rights. This could be for minor reasons, such as taking sick leave for menstrual cramps or migraine headaches. HR may require a doctor’s certificate every time someone takes sick leave, forgetting that sometimes it’s unnecessary to see a doctor for certain illnesses and simply resting could help. There have been major news stories about HR not allowing employees to take compassionate leave for funerals, leading to backlash and heavy criticism. Therefore, being more lenient with leave, especially for minor reasons, could also be a way to take care of employees’ mental well-being.

2.Welfare in terms of snacks.

The army marches on its stomach. In the daily work of employees, a lot of energy, physical exertion, and bodily resources are required. Therefore, taking care of employees’ welfare is the first thing that employers should do. In some organizations, there is provision for midday meals, while others provide snacks and beverages for their employees. These are considered welfare benefits that employees appreciate and deserve to receive.

3.Year-end bonuses and salary adjustments.

This can be called something that every employee desires or expects from their work because everyone wants to receive special bonuses from their work. This is because every employee can contribute to the company’s profits each year, and everyone can make a significant contribution to the work. In addition to this, there is also the issue of annual salary adjustments, which are found in many organizations. If you can highlight the attractiveness of this employee benefit, along with designing an effective evaluation system, it can greatly increase employees’ confidence in the organization.

4.Healthcare benefits.

In an era where infectious diseases and accidents occur more frequently, such as COVID-19, PM2.5 pollution, and other existing diseases, many people prioritize this issue as one of their top concerns. Employees working in high-risk areas such as construction sites, warehouses, or transportation jobs, which may have higher risks than other positions, also require comprehensive emergency benefits. These benefits are considered crucial as they can significantly alleviate the burden on employees. Additionally, regular health check-ups should also be provided to employees.

3 things that should be prioritized for taking care of employees in the organization.

1. Pay more attention to employees’ feelings.

Caring and showing concern is considered crucial and something that most people desire in every relationship, including the employer-employee relationship within an organization. If employees have issues, employers should pay attention to how they are feeling and whether they trust the employer enough to communicate those concerns. While employers may not always be able to solve employees’ problems, at the very least, listening to or empathizing with employees’ feelings can be beneficial and comforting, fostering a sense of care and concern from the employer.

2. Maintain employee benefits.

Every employee in the organization is often required to maintain benefits for the organization, and maintaining these benefits is something employers themselves want all employees to do. Therefore, maintaining employee benefits is something employers should do for their employees as well. It could start with something as simple as benefits related to vacation days, annual leave. If there are unused vacation days from the previous year, at the very least, employers could offer to carry them over to be used in the current year. This is a way to maintain small benefits for employees and make them feel appreciated.

3. Promote positive activities for employees within the organization.

Activities during work are considered another important aspect for employees’ work. Employees’ exhaustion from work, aside from holidays and leave, can be alleviated by organizations arranging activities to enhance happiness and strengthen relationships among staff. These activities could include organizing celebrations during various festivals, providing training to enhance knowledge and skills, developing potential within the organization, or providing important monthly meals such as barbecue parties, shabu-shabu, or buffets to impress and satisfy employees, enriching their working experience.

Employers should conduct criminal background checks.

When welfare and employee care are important things that employers should do to take care and show concern for employees within the organization, employers themselves should have a way to screen employees before hiring them. Because when employers provide good things and offer good benefits to employees, employers have the right to select. They select employees who are suitable to receive good things from the employers themselves. Therefore, conducting criminal background checks is one of the things that should be done before hiring employees into the organization.

In the process of recruiting employees into the organization, employers consider various factors to select candidates with the qualifications they require. However, in many organizations or among many employers, the importance of conducting criminal background checks on employees may not be emphasized. Employers should be made aware of the benefits of conducting criminal background checks.

1.The security of the organization.

Conducting criminal background checks by HR before hiring employees is a fundamental measure to protect the organization and its internal staff. Since each employee is like a stranger, coming from different backgrounds, checking criminal records helps the organization determine whether an individual is suitable for the job and if they pose any risks to colleagues or the organization itself. For example, if they have a history of violence or theft within the organization, which could potentially cause harm or damage.

2. Maintain the reputation of the organization.

In addition to maintaining the security of the organization and its internal staff, conducting criminal background checks also serves to protect the organization’s reputation. If HR selects individuals with criminal records or individuals with inappropriate behavior, it may tarnish the organization’s reputation due to the actions of those individuals. Choosing individuals with clean criminal records acts as a screening process to ensure trustworthy individuals are selected.

3. To serve as a database for human resources.

Checking employees’ criminal records not only helps prevent various problems that may arise within the organization but also contributes to making HR’s work much easier by facilitating database management. After conducting criminal background checks, HR can create a database of employees with a history of misconduct or wrongdoing to reduce risks and shorten work processes.


Having a company or being an employer with a business and an organization, taking care of employees is crucial. When employees work wholeheartedly for the organization, employers can reciprocate by providing small gestures of appreciation, serving as inspiration and motivation for the employees’ work. Moreover, besides providing benefits to employees, employers should also conduct employee screening before hiring. One essential step before welcoming employees into the organization is conducting criminal background checks. This helps gain insight into the employee’s background, adds peace of mind, and serves as a good screening process for the confidence and peace of mind of both the organization and the employer themselves.

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