Khun Amarit Franssen lectured on AI in the recruitment process at the event ‘The Secret Sauce to Elevating Employee Engagement

Khun Amarit Franssen, Co-founder of AppMan, was honored to give a lecture on the use of AI in the recruitment process at the event “The Secret Sauce to Elevating Employee Engagement” organized by ELITE WEALTH (EW) at Grand Center Point Terminal 21.

In his lecture on the topic “Leveraging Technology and AI to Enhance Recruitment Efficiency,” Khun Amarit covered the following key points:

What is AI?

A basic introduction to artificial intelligence, its capabilities, and how AI functions in human resources processes. Khun Amarit explained that AI simulates human brain functions in the form of computer programs that can learn, adapt, and solve problems quickly.

Understanding the Types of AI Used in Organizational Processes

AI can be broadly classified into the following categories :

  • Narrow AI: AI designed to perform specific tasks, such as facial recognition or product recommendations.
  • General AI: AI with capabilities similar to humans, able to perform a variety of tasks and engage in analytical thinking.
  • Superintelligent AI: AI that surpasses human abilities in all aspects, which remains a concept for the future.

How Does Generative AI Impact Human Resources Processes?

An introduction to Generative AI, which can create new content such as text, images, or music. Khun Amarit explained that the importance of Generative AI lies in its ability to create new opportunities for innovation and application in various businesses and industries, especially in human resources processes.

4 Examples of Using AI in the Recruitment Process

Using AI to Create Job Descriptions

How AI can help create clear and effective job descriptions. Khun Amarit demonstrated how AI can analyze keywords and essential skills for a job position, as well as customize descriptions to suit potential candidates.

AI-Powered Job Candidate Interviews

The benefits of using AI-driven tools for interviewing and evaluating candidates. Khun Amarit discussed the use of chatbots and video analysis programs to assess body language, tone of voice, and the content of responses, making the process fairer and more efficient.

Designing Job Candidate Tests with AI

How AI is used to create comprehensive tests. Khun Amarit provided examples of using AI to develop tests that can adjust difficulty levels according to the candidate’s abilities, and to analyze results for accurately evaluating skills and competencies.

Using AI for Screening and Reviewing Job Candidate Backgrounds

The role of AI in automating the screening process. Khun Amarit explained that AI can review data and candidate backgrounds from various sources, including social media profile analysis, to identify the most suitable candidates and improve recruitment efficiency.

After the insightful lecture, participants had the opportunity to engage in a Q&A session with Khun Amarit Franssen to deepen their understanding of using AI in the recruitment process. Additionally, there was a prize draw for those who participated in the Q&A, adding an element of fun and engagement to the seminar.

This seminar provided valuable knowledge and practical guidelines for integrating AI into the recruitment process, emphasizing the potential of AI to revolutionize hiring practices and enhance employee engagement.

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