Visit and Shares Vision for AI Development

May 28, 2024 – AppMan is delighted to welcome the Amazon Web Services (AWS), who visited our operations and shared their vision for AI technology development.

Phakin Pattanavorameth, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of AppMan, along with our team of AI solution development experts for business digital transformation, shared their plans for product development incorporating Generative AI to enhance workflow processes and analysis, thereby elevating our services to meet market demands more efficiently.

During the visit, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) team provided information and shared their knowledge about Generative AI technology. They advised and assisted in implementing AI into AppMan’s workflows, strengthening and innovating our products.

Phak Rattithum and the AppMan team were very pleased with the meeting, seeing opportunities for a strong partnership in the future. Together, we aim to develop technological products that continuously meet market needs.

This visit marks a significant step in building a robust relationship between AppMan and AWS, opening opportunities for applying AI technology in workflows for sustainable growth and future development.

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