Five Key Factors in Submitting Criminal Background Checks That Require Handling by Expert Companies

Nowadays, submitting for criminal background checks has become a critical step that every organization prioritizes to prevent employees with a history of criminal activity from joining the workforce. However, for large organizations, it’s challenging to obtain the background of each employee thoroughly. Therefore, there are companies that specialize in providing employee background check services to efficiently and effectively conduct large-scale criminal background checks, ensuring accurate and complete information. In this article, we have compiled five key factors in submitting criminal background checks that require the execution by highly skilled companies. Let’s take a look at what they are.

1. Mitigate risks for the organization

Certainly, the purpose of conducting criminal background checks is to prevent employees with a history of legal transgressions or inappropriate behavior from entering the workforce. This is because hiring individuals with a criminal history can result in damage to the organization, affecting its reputation, as well as causing harm to customers and other employees within the organization. Choosing a company that specializes in criminal background checks and has expertise in this area can significantly reduce the risk of inadvertently hiring unsuitable individuals, thereby enhancing the efficiency and safety of the hiring process.

2. Possesses accuracy and expertise in operations.

Criminal background checking is a sensitive process that requires precision and accuracy. Therefore, it is advisable to select a company that specializes in this field, as they will be well-versed in the various procedures involved in conducting these checks. These companies can provide organizations with swift, accurate results, and ensure that the criminal history information meets the organization’s specific requirements.

3. Implements secure
and confidential employee data storage.

Due to the risks associated with criminal background checks in terms of data breaches, organizations should position themselves as Data Controllers who store only the necessary data, use it appropriately, and ensure it is up to date. Additionally, anonymizing employee data and having a clear data retention period can help protect employees’ information. Complying with these steps not only safeguards employee data but also ensures adherence to PDPA laws designed to protect personal data.

4. Utilizes modern identity verification technology (eKYC).

In today’s world, criminal background checks do not always require paper documents or for organizations and employees to submit them at police stations. Appman has implemented eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) for criminal background verification, enabling employees to bypass the need for submitting physical documents or traveling to police stations. Instead, they can complete the process online, anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, Appman’s eKYC system employs OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology for data reading, making identity verification much faster without the need for manual data entry and allowing for more efficient data storage.

5. The company operating the service is trustworthy.

5. The company operating the service is trustworthy.

Another key factor in criminal background checks is choosing a trustworthy service provider capable of ensuring precise operations, data security, and fast processing. Appman is a company specializing in criminal background verification, certified with the ISO27001 information security standard, assuring systematic data protection.

Additionally, Appman’s identity verification service, “APPMAN E-KYC,” and employee background check service, “APPMAN Background Checker,” have received two awards for outstanding digital technology at the 19th Thailand ICT Awards (TICTA) in 2023. They won in the “Best Service (Professional Services Solutions)” category and received an honorable mention in the “Research and Development” category. This certifies that the services provided are of high quality, employ modern technology, and can enhance the efficiency of criminal background checks.

In summary, utilizing a criminal background check service from a specialized company is an excellent option for organizations today. Such services enable efficient and rapid verification of numerous employees’ histories, significantly speeding up the process. Appman Background Checker is a popular choice among many organizations due to its convenient eKYC-based checks, which not only simplify the process but also deliver results swiftly within 48 hours.

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