AppMan participated in the FTI Digital Night 2024 event in Nakhon Pathom

APPMAN had the opportunity to participate in the FTI Digital Night 2024 – Business Transformation & Human Management event, which was held at the Mida Grande Hotel Dhavaravati, Nakhon Pathom Province, on Tuesday, May 21, 2024.

The event was organized by the Digital Industry Group of the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI), in collaboration with the Nakhon Pathom Provincial Federation of Thai Industries. The event was honored by Mr. Wirun Siwapirunthep, Chairman of the Nakhon Pathom Provincial Federation of Thai Industries, who gave the opening speech, and Mr. Amarit Franssen, Chairman of the Digital Industry Group of the FTI, who shared knowledge and participated in discussions on stage.

The Digital Night event gathered entrepreneurs, executives, and HR professionals

The atmosphere at the event was lively and filled with new knowledge. A highlight was exchanging views and insights with experts in the digital industry, covering topics such as business transformation in the digital age and human resource management within organizations. At Digital Night 2024, we also experienced modern technologies and solutions that will help take businesses to the next level. Additionally, there were entertainment activities that fostered relationship-building among participants.

The event also featured many interesting discussions on digital knowledge, such as:

  • ERP for SMEs: Managing organizational resources for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Designing Networks for the New Economy: Guidelines for creating efficient networks
  • Introduction to Digital Asset: Fundamentals of understanding digital assets
  • HR Workflow Automation: Using automation in human resource management processes
  • Skill Mapping & Improvement in the Digital Era: Developing and assessing skills in the digital age
  • Important Managed Service Providers in 2024: Trends and key services for this year
  • Applying AI Technology to Improve Organizational Processes: AI innovations to enhance efficiency
  • The Ultimate Wholesale Accommodation Platform: The best accommodation procurement platform

This event not only provided deep insights into digital transformation but also offered a great opportunity to network and discover solutions that can effectively be used to develop your business.

APPMAN Background Checker

AppMan set up a booth showcasing digital innovations and the application of technology in employee background checks, which provide accurate and fast results, and are conducted entirely online. The checks cover eight aspects:

  1. Criminal Checker
  2. Reference Checker
  3. Education Checker
  4. Income Verification
  5. Employment Verification
  6. Bankruptcy Checker
  7. Global Sanctions Checker
  8. Adverse Media Checker

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