How to deal with toxic employees in the organization?

Working in an organization means bringing together people from various backgrounds and cultures to work together. This may include both high-quality employees and toxic employees. Toxic employees are those who exhibit certain attitudes or behaviors that are not conducive to a positive work environment, resulting in decreased productivity and quality of work. In this article, we will discuss how team leaders and HR professionals can deal with toxic employees and what actions they should take.

Types of Toxic Employees in the Organization:

Toxic employees in organizations come in various forms, ranging from gossipers to slackers. They can be categorized into different types as follows:

1.Socially Distant:

These are employees who isolate themselves from others in the organization or team. They tend to have thoughts or behaviors that deviate from others and do not care about the feelings of their colleagues. They may gossip behind their coworkers’ backs, leading to division within the team, with the toxic employee often unaware of the harm they cause.

2.Always Late, Always Absent:

These employees are rarely seen during regular working hours because they often arrive late, leave early, or take unnecessary leaves without consideration for the increased workload on their teammates.


Engaging in workplace gossip is common, but some employees take it to another level by actively spreading rumors or speaking negatively about the organization or their colleagues. These individuals can create a toxic work environment, affecting productivity and relationships within the team.

4.Poor Quality of Work:

The quality of work is a crucial indicator of an employee’s suitability for the organization or team. Some toxic employees produce work that does not meet the organization’s standards, such as low-quality work or missed deadlines, which can negatively impact the work of their team members.

4 Ways to Deal with Toxic Employees:

If an organization or team starts to show signs of having toxic employees, team leaders and HR personnel can address the situation using these 4 methods:

1.Identify the Causes of Toxic Behavior

The first step HR professionals should take in handling toxic employees is to identify the underlying causes of the toxic behavior. Sometimes, employees may be facing personal issues such as family problems or health issues, which hinder their ability to work effectively. Understanding the root causes can help in addressing the problem effectively.

2.Monitor Toxic Employees

Sometimes, toxic employees may not exhibit their behavior openly, but they can still pose a threat to the organization by spreading rumors or creating discord within the team. HR professionals and team leaders should monitor employees for any changes in behavior, as early detection can help prevent potential risks.

3.Provide Constructive Feedback

After identifying toxic behavior, team leaders and HR professionals should schedule a feedback session with the employee. During the session, provide specific and constructive feedback, allowing the employee to explain their perspective and understand the impact of their behavior. Establish clear expectations for improvement, and set consequences if the behavior does not change within a specified timeframe, such as a reduction in bonuses or a suspension from work.

4.Separate Toxic Employees from Others in the Team

If providing feedback does not lead to improvement in the employee’s behavior, team leaders and HR professionals may need to consider separating the toxic employee from others in the team. This could involve allowing the employee to work from home or assigning them tasks that are separate from the rest of the team, to prevent the toxicity from spreading to others.

The issue of toxic employees is crucial for organizations to address because allowing toxic employees in the organization can lead to various negative consequences. These include a work environment filled with problems, low-quality output, and a negative reputation for the organization. Knowing how to deal with toxic employees helps prevent these issues and fosters a higher-quality work environment.

In addition to managing toxic employees, conducting background checks on employees before hiring them to screen for any past criminal activities is another way to create a safer workplace environment. I recommend using the Appman Background Checker service, which conducts online background checks with fast results, reducing the workload for HR personnel.

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