Providing confident transportation services through systematic background checks of employees.

Have you ever experienced the issue of goods not reaching the recipient and facing complaints about employees stealing items, which tarnishes the organization’s reputation and diminishes the company’s credibility? Therefore, it would be better to have a system in place to conduct criminal background checks on delivery personnel to prevent infiltrators with malicious intent from entering the organization.

The credibility of an organization is an essential aspect that should not be overlooked.

With today’s easy access to technology, online retail businesses have surged, making customer satisfaction a key competitive factor in the market. If there are quality products, reasonable prices, and impressive service during and after the sale, customers will return to purchase again. However, any defects such as damaged goods or theft during delivery, as often reported in the news, will lead to consumer complaints and the spread of negative information, severely damaging the organization’s reputation.

Therefore, building customer satisfaction or establishing organizational credibility is crucial and should not be underestimated. When an organization is trusted, the dissemination of information becomes positive, creating credibility and allowing the organization to operate according to its objectives.

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Three Ways to Build Credibility
and Enhance Efficient Service Delivery in the logistics business

As mentioned earlier, beyond the quality of products and appropriate pricing, an important factor that can build trust with consumers is the service during and after the sale, especially in the delivery process.

Sometimes, criminals infiltrate organizations, as we’ve seen in the news where delivery staff have stolen items, be it high-priced electronics like smartphones or even consumable goods. There have also been instances where employees violated privacy by secretly opening parcels and gleefully posting the contents online, causing embarrassment for customers who wished to keep their purchases private. Consequently, organizations have to take responsibility for the social backlash that follows.

To address these issues at their root and build organizational trust, you can start with the following steps:

Employee Selection

  • Conduct criminal background checks and verify work history from references before hiring.
  • Train employees on the company’s work standards and code of ethics.
  • Establish clear policies and regulations regarding the handling and delivery of goods.

Monitoring and Control via Technology

  • Use applications that allow customers to track the status of their deliveries.
  • Confirm delivery with photo evidence or electronic signatures.

Criminal Background Checks for Security

  • Background checks are essential for hiring in companies involved in delivery services. This process ensures that delivery personnel are trustworthy and have no harmful history or issues related to their work. The steps for conducting a background check include:

Screen applicants for any criminal history prior to employment.

  • Consult with the national police department’s database to determine if the applicant has a criminal record, including any serious offenses or theft that could harm the organization.

Employee criminal background checks can be easily performed online.

When it comes to the AppMan Criminal Checker service or submitting criminal background checks, many may envision the need to prepare multiple documents and the necessity of visiting a police station. However, did you know that companies can actually perform applicant background checks digitally? There’s no need for cumbersome paperwork, no time wasted in travel, get results quickly, and it can be effectively utilized, making the screening of personnel a breeze.

Protect your organization from complaints when employees seize the opportunity to commit crimes.

AppMan Criminal Checker is a new form of service for submitting criminal background checks for organizations, which eases the burden on HR staff. It allows for easy checking of criminal records and legal cases without the need to prepare documents or travel to the National Police Agency, and results are obtained faster than the conventional methods.

Additionally, it’s possible to simultaneously check educational history, employment history, and bankruptcy status in one go with the following comprehensive services:

Criminal Checker: Verify criminal history with the National Police Agency and receive usable documentation.

  • Employee Verification: Check previous employment history from candidates.
  • Education Checker: Verify educational background directly with the student affairs registry from universities.
  • Referral Checker: Investigate the applicant’s history from references provided by the candidate.
  • Income Verification: Detect falsified income documents from previous employment by comparing with the applicant’s bank transactions.
  • Bankruptcy Checker: Check bankruptcy status with the Legal Execution Department.
  • Adverse Media: Search for any negative online media history from reliable news sources
  • Global Sanction Checker: Assess if the individual is at risk or listed on any Global Sanction Lists by the UN, EU, or HM.

The typical criminal background check process can take 7-10 days, but AppMan’s service can significantly shorten this timeframe with technology designed for ease of use without the need for program or application installation, all while complying with personal data protection policies or PDPA.

Fast, Accurate, Reliable

AppMan Criminal Checker simplifies the process of preparing documents and eliminates the need to travel, thanks to its digital identity verification system (E-KYC). It allows for quick and accurate employee background checks using OCR technology that extracts information from national IDs or passports into a form. Additionally, face recognition technology assists in comparing facial features to prevent document forgery, all certified by ISO 27001 and CSA-STAR Level 2 standards.

Employee screening is crucial for an organization’s transparency and reliability, preventing criminals from infiltrating, and fostering trust with clients who use its services.


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