Rabbit Care Company’s Background


Rabbit Finance is a financial technology company that offers a variety of financial products and services such as loans, credit cards, insurance, and investments. The company provided a platform that enables customers to compare various financial products and services side-by-side. One of the company’s basic values is “agileness”, which is reflected in the creation of innovations. With a mission to exceed client expectations, the company offers digital platforms and an efficient customer service center, Rabbit Care has become Thailand’s biggest online marketplace for insurance and financial products.

rabbit care

Business Challenges

Rabbit Finance wanted to enhance the accuracy of information because the company prioritizes the precision of data and data privacy therefore the company wanted to replace manual data entering with automation. The traditional practices required agents to record client ID cards or cars registration and then enter the data into the system for further processing in the back office. Rabbit Finance expects a technology that guarantees correctness, and reduces manual tasks for agents while complying with the regulations.

“The purpose is to eliminate as many manual agent tasks as possible because the process required time and effort that agents could use for closing deals”.

Why AppMan OCR ?

Using AppMans’s technologies, Rabbit Finance can simplify and transform data processing. AppMan OCR technology helps Rabbit Finance to automate and streamline the identity verification process, which can improve efficiency and reduce errors while lowering costs. APPMAN OCR transferred data to the Backend, minimizing the operation costs by 60-70% in addition to the lower percentage of errors and the increased paper distribution speed, making customers happier. “It is simple and quick, and the browser extension’s ability to capture images reduces mistakes while capturing large quantities of documents”. 



The Tech solution combines OCR (Optical Character Recognition) with IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) to extract data from pictures and documents then convert into ‘Digital Data’. Moreover, there is ‘Masking Sensitive Data’ which be able to select only the data you requirefor your business.