The Origin of Tambaan is a comprehensive contractor hiring platform in Thailand that has transformed the way work is done in the construction industry. It offers a transparent and reliable hiring system designed to address issues of fraud. The platform encompasses renovations, extensions, built-ins, interior decorations, and new home constructions.

Additionally, also has its own media called Space Story, which provides information about real estate to enhance knowledge and data in the construction industry. The company is committed to providing superior services to meet customer needs.

Business Challenges

In the process of selecting partners and contractors, there are many individuals interested in working with us. We need to conduct detailed criminal background checks to ensure the reliability of the contractors before recommending them to homeowners. Whether it involves preparing documents or liaising with government agencies, the process is quite complex and challenging. Conducting these checks individually by ourselves is therefore quite difficult.

The reasons for choosing APPMAN BACKGROUND CHECKER

We needed a digital criminal background check system that was fast and efficient. Eventually, we came across APPMAN, which helped us process these checks quickly and efficiently. What I particularly appreciate is that the APPMAN backend is designed to support Corporate Identity (CI) and it also uses the Tambaan logo, which enhances the credibility of our platform. This makes partners and contractors who need to verify their backgrounds with us feel trustworthy and happy to be verified by us.


After we started using the APPMAN Background Checker, our credibility has significantly increased. Thanks to APPMAN’s ability to quickly check the criminal backgrounds of partners and contractors, our customers can make faster and easier decisions to use our services. The APPMAN Background Checker enhances trust and confidence in our customers that Tambaan is ready to provide safe and reliable services. It also helps reduce the time needed for verification, making the entire process more efficient and faster. Video Interview

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The identity verification system and criminal background check service are easy to use, fast, and reliable, as they are processed through the police. The results come with official government documentation and are quickly accessible on the Dashboard for convenience in making decisions about hiring new employees. This contributes to organizational safety and allows the organization’s customers to trust and rely on its employees.