Manual data capturing can be
tedious and unreliable.

New digital experiences built around OCR. Discover how to change your customer journey.

OCR as a security measure can reduce the risk of fraud, increase data security, and consistency.

Get rid of the excessive documents, OCR as a process enhancer will help you on this task.

AppMan OCR

(Optical Character Recognition)

Digitize your data, use OCR technology to scan and extract your customers information from an image file.

We have three different OCR solutions that comply with all your security standards and integration requirements.

API Integration

On Secure cloud

On Premise

Chrome Extension Add-on

AppMan OCR Advantages

97.8% Accuracy

Machine learning algorithms to achieve high accuracy and constant improvement. Especially for Thai language


Performance reports and tests that support your business needs.

Greater Recognition

Thai Language excellence, blurred or crooked, background interference and poor image contrast and brightness.


Ready to use solution, we provide end to end assistance, from setting the hardware, to integrating our solution to your system for a transparent and seamless process.

Response Speed

4 seconds of response time

High Security

Bank grade security to protect your data and your customers’ will be securely kept within your servers or in a secure cloud.

*Test at 95 percentile correction setting for inference engine


  • Max. file size: 1 GB.