Healthcare and Insurance Process Efficiency with IDP

Healthcare and Insurance Process Efficiency with IDP

Healthcare and Insurance Process Efficiency with IDP

HealthCare and Insurance communication flow

efficiency with IDP Health Care and Insurance processIn order to provide great customer service and guarantee the coverage of the insurance, direct health care providers have to interact closely with insurance companies. This can become a challenge due to the multiple insurance companies and the difference between the documents required by the latter. Health care providers require a prompt reply to deliver a quality service to the person in need. Usually, large hospitals and healthcare centers are well integrated with the insurance companies and have systems to share real time information.

However for some medium to small clinics and hospitals this is not the case. Insurance paper protocols still persist in 2021 and paperwork represents an important but repetitive activity that requires human interaction and manual input that has a risk of human error, consumes time and increases the operational costs. Processes like patient data capture are necessary to validate and support the claims but require a significant amount of manual work that could be optimized by the use of technology.

OCR as an Enabler of Digital Transformation

OCR Technology enhanced by Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) can help improve the performance of those who have to manually input data in the system to generate the required document for the insurance company.

IDP can provide assistance for data collection tasks like ID Capturing and form filling. The AppMan IDP solution can use image format input like pictures or pdf to collect data and transform it into indexed fields usable to autofill the insurance forms.

Optical character recognition (OCR) software for data capture automation removes nearly all manual input.

2 HealthCare Processes Suitable for IDP Enhancements

1.- Digitize Patients’ Data
Using IDP technology you can digitize several documents and save with searchable data to make it easy like a patient's name, address or others.Documents like medical recipes, medical reports, laboratory results and otherdocuments can be indexed and become a part of the digital healthcare profile of the patient.

2.- Solutions for Health insurance Provider When performing an import or export, mandatory documents such as Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice cum Packing List and Bill of Entry come into play at the all-important time of customs clearance.
Companies must reconcile and validate the information of the document with the one in the system. This is a key process that ensures data correctness. Even though regular freights usually use barcodes, QR or other methods; some companies and irregular freights still have most of the information in traditional format.

Benefits of OCR for Healthcare

OCR has many applications for different industries and the benefits focus on enhancing the digitization of paper documents, scanned documents or images. AppMan OCR is state of the art technology that has been recognized as the TICTA Award winner of Business Service, The Other Solution at the Thailand ICT Awards 2020.

Applying this technology for healthcare related businesses like clinics and hospitals, can present great opportunities for process improvement and efficiency.


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