Electronic Point of Sales for Bancassurance

Electronic Point of Sales for Bancassurance

Through the last decades, the Insurance industry has slowly embraced digital environments. Usually due to the heavy use of paperwork and high investment required, the industry has not been able to take on a fully digital approach. Nevertheless, digital solutions have been evolving and nowadays it is easier to transform or to digitize different parts of the process.

Electronic point-of-sale (ePOS) solutions that simplify the sales process for its intermediaries, or an e-claim on your smartphone, as well as WeChat claims in China; a financial needs analysis to plan ahead of the future needs of a household in the Philippines and Thailand.

Technology has been evolving and progressing driving new opportunities for insurers.  

Banks driving innovation and security

On the other hand, the bank industry has been constantly renovating itself, going digital has brought convenience for transactions and different processes to new boundaries. Bank applications are by far the most secure ones in the market, bringing high levels of convenience with solutions that grant instant transactions with little or no effort.

A bancassurance distribution channel is a point where a highly technological industry meets a not so technologically developed industry. This is where companies like AppMan step in, committing to simplifying the sales process for its agents and customers via its ePOS solution, AgentMate.

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AppMan bancassurance solution is suitable for those banks with a developed bancassurance channel or that are eager to digitize and grow the bancassurance channel. AgentMate can integrate through API to most of the infrastructures that banks commonly use bringing in security and user ergonomics to proceed with the sale.

AgentMate was developed with the highest security standards complying with international standards like: ISO/IEC 20000, ISO/IEC 29110, ISO 27001 and CSA Star Level 2 for Cloud security.

Who can benefit from AgentMate Solution?

Companies that:

How can we help?

AgentMate is a solution that has the necessary tools to close the deal on each branch. The useful illustrations will assist the agent through the sales and illustrate clearly the concepts of the product for your customer. Implementing this software has additional benefits, like:


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