AgentMate, the end-to-end solution for Insurance Distribution Channels

AgentMate, the end-to-end solution for Insurance Distribution Channels


Through the last decades, the Insurance industry has slowly embraced digital environments. Usually due to the heavy use of paperwork and high investment required, the industry has not been able to take on a fully digital approach and this has impacted customers, agents, brokers and other stakeholders’ experiences with insurance. Nevertheless, digital solutions have been evolving and nowadays it is easier to transform or to digitize different parts of the process.

Electronic point-of-sale (ePOS) solutions that simplify the sales process for its intermediaries, or an e-claim on your smartphone, as well as WeChat claims in China; a financial needs analysis to plan ahead of the future needs of a household in Indonesia and Thailand.

relevance of Technology in the insurance Industry

Competition in the insurance industry has gotten tougher every year. The growth of international companies and the development of the industry has pushed the industry to a new digital era. Companies pursue different objectives like efficiency, performance and differentiation in the looks for a competitive advantage. One of the main challenges of insurance is transforming, renovating and refreshing the sales experience for agents and customers.

However, small and medium Insurance companies usually lack the time and key resources to generate innovation and transform their status quo. Insurtech companies come to solve this issue with the sole purpose of transforming the industry with innovative technologies and in some cases even partnering with large insurance companies to redefine key processes and services.

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Technology has been evolving and progressing driving new opportunities for insurers.  

AgentMate is an established solution for digitizing your insurance salesforce that has been acknowledged by industry leaders in APAC. Each part of the sales roadmap can be digitized with the modular setup of AgentMate.

AgentMate is the perfect ally to achieve your digital goals for your agents with a proven software solution. Achieving more than 86% adoption rate of agent users, AgentMate has a direct impact on sales and customer experience while keeping in control all product updates and marketing material. As well, Insurers have experienced an important reduction in agent onboarding time due to the simplicity of the interface.

Our competitive advantage can be your competitive advantage and the benefit for your sales force and your customers.

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