product configurator.
Change is the only constant and your products will continue to evolve. Make sure that your digital solution is up to the task.

Digital solutions should be sustainable for your business, however when working with platforms, new input usually require an extra development cost. 

The worst case scenario is relying completely on a vendor to fix, update, take down or create new products in your own ecosystem. Plus consider all the extra expenses incurred.

We can ensure your digital solution is on par with market standards now and tomorrow.

Set your own new products or modify your existing ones freely. The Product Configurator is designed to grant you the power to pull the strings of your own platform.

Easy to use for non-IT users, our solution is intuitive and easy to administrate.
Set your own product on your own schedule.
Supports individual, traditional, General Insurance and Unit-Linked products.


Manage product rules



  • Max. file size: 1 GB.