Criminal Checker หน้าจอตรวจประวัติอาชญากรรม

Digitalize traditional HR work with the new solution of Background checks service.

Criminal record and check
Reduce workload with automation 
Simple to use, no technical expertise required.
Prevent document lost
No need to travel to conduct transactions

Make criminal records checking easier for your business with the various functions


Background Check ?

Recruited employees without a background check may pose a risk to the organization. Therefore, pre-employment screening is essential for security and consumer confidence.

Criminal background check service


The traditional method of conducting a criminal background check involves document preparation and travel to the Thai police, which takes between 7 and 15 days.

By utilizing E-KYC, Appman Criminal Checker can streamline the document preparation procedure by sending SMS to new employees to conduct self-verification and electronically sign their consent. HR can receive the result faster as PDF files and can be downloaded immediately.

Organizations that should conduct employee criminal background check

4 PROCESS HOW TO Procedures for using the service to submit a APPMAN CRIMINAL CHECKER


1. Enter APPMAN platform

log in to use the criminal background check system through a web browser easily without having to install any program


2. Create a new employee list

Enter the employee’s basic information. Multiple individuals’ data can import with a single click.


3. New employees verify their identity

To verify the identity of new employees, send the link via SMS or email. Employees sign a consent form to adhere to the PDPA policy. The data will be returned to HR.

4. Submit the request and wait for results

After the new employee has completed identity verification via mobile phone, HR can submit the criminal background check request and wait for the results faster. The employee’s history record from the government will be downloadable as a PDF file. 

Various features It will help you verify your identity easily.

Reduce the cost of paper use and document management by 100%.

ISO 27001 and CSA-STAR Level 2 standards provide a high degree of security and confidence.

our clients and partners

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Fixzy pre-screens technicians by inviting them to an interview, followed by a criminal checker. Because the company desires to increase customer confidence, only competent technicians are selected. Yet, the process required a considerable amount of time due to the number of procedures involved.

“8 years ago, before using Appman, we screened the backgrounds of 2,000 technicians out of 12,000 applications but with AppMan background checker, we want to examine 5,000 technicians this year”.



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