In an era where technology transforms every aspect of business operations, Muze Innovation stands out through its partnership with AppMan, leveraging the Appman Background Checker to revolutionize its internal HR processes.

We had the opportunity to speak with Dechapol Wacharagomolphun, the HR Manager at Muze Innovation, who shared insights on how this approach has streamlined their hiring process, reflecting the organization’s progressive mindset in embracing digital solutions.

Dechapol Wacharagomolphun, representing Muze Innovation, leads the integration of technology into HR workflows. As a tech partner, Muze Innovation is a leader in providing software development and technological solutions to address business challenges for its clients.

This role not only positions them as a key player in the tech industry but also as a leader in adopting digital solutions for internal processes.

Challenges in the Hiring Process

The background check in the hiring process was a significant hurdle for Muze Innovation. With a policy supporting a hybrid work model, the requirement for HR staff to physically visit the National Police Office for background checks was time-consuming and misaligned with the organization’s flexible work model. This traditional method led to redundancy and delays, affecting the overall efficiency of employee operations.

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Why Trust AppMan as a Partner in Screening Digital Transformation

The decision to use AppMan’s services stemmed from the need for a more flexible and efficient solution that aligns with Muze Innovation’s hybrid work model. AppMan’s digital criminal background check system allows for remote contact with applicants, reduces paper use, and efficiently manages and tracks consent forms and documents.

This digital transformation has solved the logistical problems of traveling for background checks, especially for remote or Work-From-Hometown employees, making the process smoother and more efficient.

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How AppMan Background Checker Improved the Hiring Process

Reflecting on the past year, Dechapol Wacharagomolphun expressed satisfaction with the services offered by AppMan, highlighting the reduction in time and travel constraints that the HR department faced.

The digital solution from AppMan Background Checker has allowed employees to focus on other crucial HR projects, ensuring operational efficiency and document security.

Moreover, the ability to manage consent forms and conduct background checks digitally has significantly improved the team’s processes, aligning with the company’s vision for serious technological adaptation.

Suggestions and Advice for HR Departments and Other Organizations

Dechapol Wacharagomolphun encourages other organizations facing similar challenges to consider digital solutions to improve their workflows, like AppMan. Emphasizing the benefits of reducing time spent on administrative processes, improving document management, and streamlining operations, Dechapol also highlights the importance of using technology to enhance HR process efficiency for better outcomes.

For those interested in joining Muze Innovation, the company promises a flexible and technology-focused work environment, underscoring the organization’s commitment to aligning hiring processes with technological advancements. With policies supporting Work-From-Hometown, Muze Innovation is an attractive proposition for tech professionals seeking innovation and flexibility.

The collaboration between Muze Innovation and AppMan is an example of how digital solutions can transform traditional HR practices, making them more efficient and in line with modern work policies. This partnership not only enhances employee operational efficiency but also positions Muze Innovation as a leader in using technology to address business challenges effectively.


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