“NocNoc is an E-Commerce platform that allows users to purchase and sell home decoration products online with an installation service. The platform connects manufacturers, retailers, service providers, and homeowners. NocNoc chose AppMan Criminal Checker as a solution that boosts customers’ confidence, enabling technicians to acquire more jobs, enhances the quality of life by creates opportunities for small enterprises”. 

NocNoc Company’s background

NocNoc is a platform that offers home-related products. The company identified the customer’s pain points after a purchase of a product which is the need for installation so that the product is ready to be used. Therefore, develop an e-commerce platform that purchases and sells home decoration equipment and products online with installation service. NocNoc acts as an intermediary that connects the manufacturer, retailer, service provider, and homeowner to become the hub that meets all home-related requirements.

The website has centralized all household services. Diverse products are gathered and organized into 3 primary categories: flooring materials, wall decoration materials. and furniture as well as being a source of knowledge and numerous home-related inspirations


Customer challenge

“APPMAN Background Checker has simplified our work life. Because in the past, each technician’s criminal background check would take around 15 to 30 days, causing the process to be interrupted such as the inability to establish a technician’s profile and activate their account. But with AppMan, the entire process can be completed in a single day”

Mr. Chatchawan Ruangnirundon
Head of Service Operation 

Why AppMan Background Checker?

Usually, NocNoc’s technicians are selected through on-site inspection or visits to the job site, which can only monitor the quality of work, skills, and responsibility, but cannot determine whether or not each technician has a criminal record.

With AppMan Background Checker, technicians can simply verify their identities and sign consent documents on their own mobile devices. In addition, AppMan Background Checker is one of how customers’ confidence can be strengthened. Since service is based on people, trust and confidence are crucial aspects that increase customers’ trust in NocNoc.

“In addition to the customer’s desire for experienced technicians, the technician must be dependable and trustworthy. This means that they cannot have a history of risky behavior. Previously, criminal background checks were difficult to implement because they required document preparation, identification cards, and the signature of documents, which were then submitted to the Thai Police and could take from 15 days up to a month to receive the results. To avoid wasting travel time for every case, there is an additional period for gathering documents that are not included. The process caused difficulties for the whole company and the technicians,” Mr. Chatchawan said.

After Using AppMan Background Checker

NocNoc intends to conduct 100 %criminal background checks on each employee, AppMan Background Checker will enable companies to check employees more quickly because it can reduce many limitations and simplify company operations. Moreover, NocNoc as a platform does not store paper documents. Asking technicians to sign a copy of the document at the physical place is complicated and time-consuming. Therefore, APPMAN’s service simultaneously responds to the company, the customer, and the technician.

Customers are assured that NocNoc technicians have no criminal records. After the company introduced this selling point into the platform customer satisfaction increased. Before APPMAN Background Checker, customers already had a certain level of confidence, however, with AppMan’s solution customer confidence and trust increased.




In the future, NocNoc will continue to develop new features for the application. This year, the company planned to expand the service area not only in Bangkok and the suburbs but also in other provinces. In order to give customers more choices in buying products, product shipping and installation services


“In the future, criminal background checks will become a must for all companies. It is not just something that differentiates the company anymore,” said Mr. Chatchawan. 

NocNoc Video Interview

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