Tokio Marine Safety Insurance Company’s history


Tokio Marine was founded in 1879 as the first insurance company in Japan. Over the years, it has expanded and now offers a wide range of General and Life insurance products and services in 46 countries. Tokio Marine Insurance (Thailand) PCL. and Safety Insurance Public Company Limited have merged their two companies to strengthen their expertise, infrastructure, and distribution networks.


Vision and Goal

Tokio Marine Safety Insurance is a leader in the field of automobile insurance. The company offers a wide variety of insurance products that meet the requirements of clients in every circumstance, particularly in the area of car compensation.

Tokio Marine Safety Insurance recognizes the significance of system enhancement and development. Moreover, the company offers car maintenance centers and branches in all regions of Thailand.

Customers Challenges

The company inspected around 10,000 cars per month. AppMan solution helps reduce customers’ concerns when meeting face-face with an agent during covid-19. Moreover, it increased the efficiency of agents and services delivered to customers”.

“The corporation conducted a survey of agents and brokers for two consecutive years. For Net Promoter Score (NPS)  increased by 22.2% from 2021”.

Suree Sukjaicharoenkit,
Vice President
Business Development Department
Safety Tokio Marine Insurance

Business challenges

Tokio Marine Safety Insurance conducts car inspections for approximately 10,000 new vehicles per month by dispatching inspectors to meet with customers at the appointed time and location therefore the challenge is being unable to serve every group of customers such as customers that use their vehicles to travel throughout Thailand, or at places located far away, making it difficult to schedule an appointment. In addition to Covid-19, customers have concerns about meeting with acquaintances and entering their homes or the appointed location.

Therefore the company desired to create a positive experience for customers in every aspect of the service. Tokio Marine Safety Insurance collaborated with AppMan to develop solutions to satisfy the requirements of customers and increase the working proficiency of the agents. The solution enables the company to conduct 100% of online car inspections through video calls in an official channel that is highly secure and trustworthy along with the company staff giving customers advice.  

Why AppMan E-inspector?

Tokio Marine Safety Insurance wanted to deliver a great experience to customers in every area, therefore the company selected AppMan E-inspector to help transform car inspection to be easier. E-inspector allowed the company to utilize resources and increase its competitive edge. “Customers can have their cars inspected online by themselves through a trustworthy source. It also reduces the time of the insurance consideration process and helps build confidence for customers in using the service in addition to delivering services to every group of customers”. 

Tokio Marine Safety Insurance delivered services to customers faster after using AppMan E-inspector

If compared the traditional ways of car inspection and AppMan E-inspectors, the traditional practice that needs to set an appointment with customers and sending an inspector means that there is a cost in the working process.

“ When we changed to using AppMan, we spent less time with customers, just around less than 15 minutes on average. There is no need to meet face-face with customers but the service is still highly secure. In addition, some customers are uncomfortable and worried about meeting with strangers during Covid-19 therefore this will help our working process and services to customers to be more efficient”.



Digital remote sales communication technologies
can be used to create a seamless customer experience.

Digital Face to Face’ is the technology that enables agents or brokers to contact, sell, and provide services to customers on the point, constantly, and without interruption. Additionally, our technology is combined with agent tools to boost 
the chances of closing the deal in a single call


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