SCHIC Inspection Company’s background

SCHIC is a used Car Accreditation company, the company’s service includes Vehicle Analysis, Claims & Appraisal, Vehicle Management Services, and Warranty, etc. SCHIC’s goal is to provide both car buyers and car sellers with neutral information and ensure that both parties are well-informed about the quality of the automobiles, the company combines qualified personnel and technologies to deliver professional services. 




The used car trading industry is said to have approximately 1.4 million cars per year and is estimated to grow around 7-8% each year. The growing trend increased the demand for used car inspection services therefore the company has to be ready for these opportunities. However, with only the inspector team, using manual vehicle inspections, the service would be limited, expensive, and inconsistent. According to the traditional approach, the broker will submit Inquiries to SCHIC then after the appointment is booked, the technicians will conduct the Inspection at the required locations. The process may take 2-3 Days which is time-consuming and requires more contact points. 

Why APPMAN E-Surveyor ?

With AppMan E-Surveyor, SCHIC inspectors can perform online inspections, the inspector will take photographs and videos of the vehicle and any found problems or concerns. AppMan E-Surveyor reduces travel costs and lowers technician manpower from 1 technician per 4 cars to 1 technician per 12 cars.  The technology permits quick service, which improves client satisfaction. In addition, AppMan E-Surveyor reduced document processing, enabled quality control of the inspection process, and improved the efficiency of the inspection team.

“Service quality comes first; if we believe that online inspection would jeopardize our business, we will not implement it. Yet we viewed the online inspection procedure as a superior answer to our problems. Everything involving the digitization process, we would like to continue development with AppMan.”


Digital remote sales communication technologies
can be used to create a seamless customer experience.

Digital Face to Face’ is the technology that enables agents or brokers to contact, sell, and provide services to customers on the point, constantly, and without interruption. Additionally, our technology is combined with agent tools to boost 
the chances of closing the deal in a single call