Thai Life Insurance Company’s background 

Thai Life Insurance is the first life insurance business in Thailand, yet the company is committed to being innovative and adaptable in responding to shifting trends. The company is committed to providing quality products and services that fulfill the diverse demands of each consumer throughout their lives. The company differentiates itself continuously based on the concept of “Multi Distribution Channels and Multi Targets”. Thai Life Insurance created a strong partnership and diverse distribution channel including implementing technology such as Remote First, Telemarketing, and Direct Response platform.



Thai Life Insurance has over 63,400 agents, 264 branches and customer service centers present in all 77 provinces. With the enormous quantity of papers handled daily, some have been delayed, damaged, or even misplaced, creating a problem for the operations team. When the document cannot be located, consumers have to repeat the document submission procedure, creating negative feedback. When customers manually complete forms, sometimes the operation team misreads the handwriting and therefore must re-verify the information resulting in extra work. In addition, premium customers expect instantaneous results after payment however the company cannot provide real-time verification.


Digital Face To Face solution can solve the company’s challenge with its features of video recording, document attachment and signature signing. Moreover, the solution integrates AppMan OCR and E-KYC to digitize all aspects of the sales process. 

OCR extracts the data from applications submitted and delivered immediately to the system.  E-KYC is being used to verify customer ID cards. AppMan’s solution exceeded customer expectations, increasing ticket size by 5 times when compared to face-to-face e-submission. 


Digital remote sales communication technologies
can be used to create a seamless customer experience.


Digital Face to Face’ is the technology that enables agents or brokers to contact, sell, and provide services to customers on the point, constantly, and without interruption. Additionally, our technology is combined with agent tools to boost 
the chances of closing the deal in a single call