The company offers security personnel to organizations throughout the kingdom for more than 10 years. The company emphasizes maintaining professional service standards and continuous improvements.

Bangkok Support Company's Background

Bangkok Support Co., Ltd. specializes in providing security personnel with a significant presence in Thailand. Currently, the company has more than 360 security guards in service and more than 90 customers in various organizations including offices, factories, government departments, and residential.

Bangkok Support

Customer’s challenges

“Previously, to conduct an employee criminal background check each time, we carefully planned, starting from document preparation, which took us 7 days, 10 days to 15 days. Then we have to wait for another 30 days to get results. With Appman, we work easier and receive the result faster, as well as proven to be reliable”.

Chakphong Kimtin
Executive Director

Problems before knowing AppMan

BANGKOK SUPPORT serves residential, condominium, and manufacturing clients. The majority of the clients located in Bangkok and its suburbs include; Samut Sakhon, Nakhon Pathom, and Pathum Thani. To promptly deliver security personnel, background checks must be carefully organized. The document preparation, collection, and submission to the Criminal Records Division of each province where employees are allocated might take a long time, ranging from 15 days to a month or even 2 months.

Another problem occurred is that sometimes the organization is unaware of whether personnel has recent criminal records; we may not discover it the first time. But, after working with us for two years, there may be a case, therefore we will randomly examine employees regularly.

Solutions and Company’s Vision

Background checking is Bangkok Support’s priority since the client must first have trust and confidence in the chosen security personnel before the company can send them out on their shifts. Most duties are assigned for around 15 days; during this time, the company has to consider alternative personnel in case of absence or resignation. This does not include personnel training to meet customer specifications, which typically takes 3-4 days. Thus, background checks must be conducted as quickly as possible.

To resolve this matter, the company, therefore, used AppMan Background Checker to accelerate the procedure. In the past, sending security personnel to check their person’s criminal record required careful planning. Document management takes 7 -10 days or sometimes 15 days. Then the company must wait for additional 30 days to acquire the results, however with Appman, the company receives the results within 24 hours and it is also reliable.

Bangkok Support, set KPI each year, and every year the service standards must exceed the previous. In the future, the company intends to expand its services in tourist destinations where additional security officers are required.


Uplift security by becoming more digitized than ever before

Aside from that, the organization values honesty and individuals with no criminal backgrounds. Bangkok Support focuses on customer service by incorporating technology to enable employees to work faster and flexibly.

AppMan Background Checker is one of the services that meet our requirements because it streamlines our existing service into a digital format. Appman team works quickly and delivers credible results promptly. The company expects that AppMan solutions will be an essential part of our business development.

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One of AppMan’s featured services, Background Checker enables clients to verify their new employees , business partners or customers within 24 hours. Our client will receive criminal records, arrest warrants, and bankruptcy information that is recorded in The Thai police and justice system.