Q-CHANG is a hub of quality craftsmen ready to provide comprehensive services.

t’s a platform that combines the services of skilled craftsmen and home-related services in one place. From cleaning, repairs, installations, renovations, and enhancements to interior services, Q-CHANG aims to improve everyone’s quality of life by being the go-to solution for all home-related needs. Serving both customers and craftsmen nationwide, Q-CHANG is dedicated to being the backup for every home-related issue.

The Background of Q-CHANG

Q-CHANG is a digital platform created to solve the difficulties in finding skilled and reliable craftsmen. Moreover, it facilitates homeowners to easily solve household problems with just a few clicks to book skilled services and quality craftsmanship.

In addition to this, Q-CHANG also harbors a grand vision of continuously creating jobs and careers for Thai craftsmen, aiming to ensure they have a sustainable and improved quality of life.

The challenge of company

“Normally, we conduct detailed criminal background checks on craftsmen before recruiting them into the system, a process that traditionally takes a long time. This is because it involves sending documents to the craftsmen for them to sign in consent, and sometimes, the craftsmen may need to physically go to the criminal record office to have their fingerprints taken. Occasionally, it takes up to a month to receive the background check results.”

Supakorn Sangkun
Operation Director

The reason for choosing to usE AppMan Background Checker

The goal of Queue Craftsman (Q-CHANG) is to become the number one platform that serves as a hub for craftsmen across the country. We plan to grow every year, continually providing craftsmen to serve our customers. Therefore, building confidence and trust with our customers is quite important.

In this aspect, Appman significantly meets our needs. Initially, recruiting craftsmen from different provinces involved sending documents for the craftsmen to sign consent and then having them send the documents back to us. We might also need to provide instructions or a manual on how to submit these documents online or to the criminal record office, which was very time-consuming. Now, it’s just a matter of sending a single link to the craftsmen, who then follow the Appman process through their mobile phone, simplifying the entire procedure.

After using the AppMan Background Checker service

Integrating this system has effectively addressed the pain point of speeding up criminal background checks for our company. The system is user-friendly, enabling status checks and background verifications without the need for craftsmen to submit numerous documents for confirmation. Thanks to the identity verification system, what used to take a month now returns results in just 2-3 days.

Feedback from the users, particularly the craftsmen, has been positive. Previously, craftsmen had to wait for their criminal background checks to clear before they could start working, sometimes losing a month’s income in the process. However, after adopting the Appman service, once craftsmen pass the background check within 2-3 days and meet all criteria, they can immediately start accepting jobs. This has resulted in faster employment for workers and satisfaction among the craftsmen.

Furthermore, when we incorporate a reliable recruitment and criminal background check process, the outcome in terms of service quality is that some customers have specifically mentioned choosing Q-CHANG because they are confident in our data collection and recruitment processes. This trust has led them to prefer our services.

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The identity verification system and the easy-to-use criminal background check service are fast, efficient, and reliable because they involve submitting requests through the police. The results, documented by government papers, are quickly available on the Dashboard for convenient decision-making about hiring new employees. This system contributes to organizational security and also enables the organization’s customers to trust and rely on its employees.