Daywork is a platform that enables companies, retailers, and other organizers to acquire part-time employees. By providing comprehensive services, including recruitment, screening, training, inspections of work, and payment of employees on the client’s behalf.

DAYWORK company’s background

Daywork is an HR technology company that offers a workforce recruitment and management platform. This on-demand service delivers personnel through the platform. The key target groups consist of young students over the age of 18 who wish to pursue part-time jobs while attending school. Daywork presently services over 550 firms and has over 300,000 members, with the majority being college-aged individuals who desire part-time work.

Customers challenges 

“Screening is the first obstacle in the recruitment process, particularly the criminal background check of young employees or student groups with financial issues and time constraints. The difficulties affect both applicant and employer, as well as Daywork”.


“For instance, if a client wants to recruit a cashier, for a position that directly deals with money, a background check is required. The results of criminal background checks for employment involving cash cannot be delayed for 1-2 weeks, as the employee may have already caused damage to the organization. If the company knows the result sooner, the company can reduce the damage.”

Sasiwimon Siangchaeo. CEO and Founder of Daywork (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


Why AppMan Background Checker

AppMan reduces the risk associated with hiring new staff because AppMan Background Checking provides results within 24 hours. In addition, the online approach reduces travel expenses and submission deadlines, making it easier for individuals to submit job applications. For the employer, it is convenient for the HR team in conducting the procedure, since this allows HR to focus on other activities, which is beneficial for all stakeholders. AppMan Background Checker allows Daywork to match employees with clients easier.


“AppMan Background Check can help the company save time and money while also increasing convenience.” This is beneficial for the recruiter” said Khun Sasiwimon. 


Daytime work can benefit both employees and employers. One of the clients is a fashion brand having branches around the country. With multiple stores, it is difficult to oversee a huge number of employees but thanks to AppMan Background Checking, Daywork can deliver entire client support services and satisfy them. AppMan’s solution enables the HR department to operate efficiently by overcoming the problem of employee screening and minimizing the problem of employee shortages.


“For this year, we aim to grow double in size. In addition, we also expect to expand the market to new professional groups and focus on more skills”.

 To provide student-aged personnel with the opportunity to apply the subjects taught in school to real-world working situations. In addition, the opportunity for them to find employment, make money, develop their talents, and establish a professional portfolio. “I want everyone to follow Daywork and be on the lookout for our new offerings”. Khun Sasiwimon concluded.

DayWork Video Interview

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One of AppMan’s featured services, Background Checker enables clients to verify their new employees , business partners or customers within 24 hours. Our client will receive criminal records, arrest warrants, and bankruptcy information that is recorded in The Thai police and justice system.