Fixzy- The only place to handle all the problems about home.

Continuously building confidence for all customers by screening professional technicians before sending them to provide services. Fixzy utilizes AppMan’s online background check service to conduct quick employment background checks. Each technician’s identification is verified and prepared to assist customers.

Fixzy Company’s Background

Fixzy is an on-demand home services platform that connects homeowners who need help with home repairs and maintenance with qualified professionals. Currently, there are approximately 12,000 technicians on the platform.

Fixzy offers multiple services, including plumbing, electrical work, and a maintenance specialist, such as an air conditioner and washing machine technician, etc. The service is available in Bangkok, its suburbs, and major provinces like Khon Kaen and Chiang Mai.

Customer’s challenges

“8 years ago, before using Appman, we screened the backgrounds of 2,000 technicians out of 12,000 applications but with AppMan background checker, we want to examine 5,000 technicians this year”.


Ratchawut Pitchayapan
Executive director
Fixzy Co., Ltd.

Problems before knowing AppMan

Fixzy pre-screens technicians by inviting them to an interview, followed by a criminal background check. Because the company desires to increase customer confidence, only competent technicians are selected. Yet, the process required a considerable amount of time due to the number of procedures involved.

Solutions and Company’s vision

Fixzy now has 2,000 qualified technicians, but the daily demand for the services exceeds 100 tasks. Even if every technician took on two jobs every day, there would still be a limitation. “The highlight that fixzy wants to emphasize is to be the first platform to do a criminal background check on every technician”. said Khun Ratchawut  


Fixzy has a large number of applicants accessing the platform, making it difficult to pre-screen the applicants before they come for an interview at the company. Another issue was that all Fixzy technicians were required to pass a background check by the police department before beginning to work. Each technician was asked to provide the necessary documentation, and the company would gather and submit them to the police department. However, the submission of papers cannot be done separately, since the company must submit the papers of 20 employees at once; hence, the procedure is not instantaneous and the results are slow.

With AppMan Background Checker, Fixzy intends to boost the number of technicians with background checks for more than 10,000 employees. The solution will decrease the time and effort required for document preparation and transportation. The results can also be given within 24 hours.

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“ As Fixzy has been in operation for more than eight years, there are now over 12,000 technicians in our system, but we can only check 2,000 of them. I expect that within the next year, we will use AppMan’s solution to speed up the background-checking process for more than 5,000 technicians and expand our service to Bangkok and other provinces.”

Said Khun Ratchawut


One of AppMan’s featured services, Background Checker enables clients to verify their new employees , business partners or customers within 24 hours. Our client will receive criminal records, arrest warrants, and bankruptcy information that is recorded in The Thai police and justice system.