Health at Home is a healthcare service company that delivers qualified, trustworthy professionals who would take care of individuals at clients’ homes. The company aims to create well-trained healthcare professionals to deliver services that fit customers and their family’s needs.

HEALTH AT HOME company’s background

Health at Home delivers in-home healthcare services to those in need of care and assistance. By screening, training professionals, and regulating healthcare standards following the nursing principles.

The company’s customers may include the elderly, those with disabilities, and individuals with illnesses. Now, the company has 300 specialists on its platform that provide healthcare services to over 5,000 families.

Customer’s challenges

“Previously, Employee background checks will be completed manually, requiring a team of 1-2 individuals with a substantial amount of time. However  Appman background checks offer the results within 24 hours and help the business to execute all tasks, including professional training more quickly. Also, minimize the number of staff to a single individual”.

Khun Tum
Kanapon Phumratprapin 
CEO and Co-founder at Health at Home 

Problems before using APPMAN CRIMINAL CHECKER

Currently, Health at Home offers a service known as “Care Pro” that provides healthcare professionals with hard skills such as professionals with basic nursing skills, and the ability to care for patients in daily activities such as measuring vital signs, physical therapy, tube feeding, and emergency monitoring. On the other side, providing soft skills, such as caring attitudes, communication skills, and the ability to offer peace of mind.

Safety is another crucial factor in terms of the professional’s health history, such as COVID-19 screening, and also their criminal background checks. Because when bringing a professional who is considered a stranger into the home of an elder to provide care, safety is important. 

The company’s primary issue with traditional criminal background checks is that the manual process requires a team of 1-2 individuals to prepare the paperwork and submit them to the police. The process takes several weeks or perhaps months to complete. Moreover, when client demand is high, the company’s operations can not be done effectively.

Solutions and Company’s Vision

I believe AppMan helps reduce our pain point, which is the time necessary for the checking procedure. In many cases, our healthcare professionals (Care Pro) come from other provinces, resulting in longer approval times on submitted documentation.

With AppMan Background Check, the procedure can be completed in a single day. This expedites the selection and training of new staff.  In addition, we can downsize our team from 2 key employees to a single employee with additional responsibilities.

Moreover, AppMan’s technology offers digital verification, which helps with document management and identity verification processes (E-KYC). The technology removes the waiting time associated with the delivery of hand-signed documents.

Health at Home expects steady and gradual expansion because service quality must also be developed.

Our primary objective is to build a brand that is trustworthy for everyone based on the principle of “Peace of Mind” so that customers can be confident that Health at Home provides professionals who cared for their family members during the crisis. “Multiple times, we have provided our patients with the greatest treatment possible in their final moments. This is something that our team and our company are proud of ”.

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One of AppMan’s featured services, Background Checker enables clients to verify their new employees , business partners or customers within 24 hours. Our client will receive criminal records, arrest warrants, and bankruptcy information that is recorded in The Thai police and justice system.