Micro Leasing Public Company Limited (Micro Leasing)

is a lending service provider that started with offering loans for used trucks and has since expanded its services to other types of loans such as motorcycle loans, insurance brokerage, and personal loans focused on registration pledge. Micro Leasing has broadly expanded its business opportunities in various loan segments, comprehensively meeting customer needs. The company maintains a high-standard system, certified according to ISO 27100, to ensure the security of customer data. Additionally, we provide efficient financial services that can be quickly approved.

HR Document Issues Before Using APPMAN Background Checker

The HR system had a lot of paperwork, which involved processes for document submission and verification that were problematic and time-consuming. It used to take at least one week to conduct a background check on an employee to verify their work history, educational background, and criminal record.

Planning to Solve the Document Reduction Problem at Micro Leasing

Our company has been trying to improve the HR system to enhance efficiency and has compared solutions from multiple services. We found that APPMAN is a good choice, as it offers various services that meet our needs. After using it, we discovered that it is efficient and significantly reduces our processing time.

Results After Using APPMAN Background Checker

Since our company has branches nationwide, using APPMAN’s Background Check solution can provide us with results within 2-5 days, which is three times faster than before. This makes the document submission process very convenient. Applicants from different provinces can submit their information through the APPMAN system, which allows us to quickly check their criminal records, significantly speeding up our recruitment process.


Micro Leasing Video Interview

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The identity verification and criminal background check system is user-friendly, fast, and reliable, as it processes requests through the police. The results are quickly delivered with official government documents available on the dashboard for convenience in making hiring decisions. This system not only ensures the safety of the organization but also allows clients to trust and rely on its employees.