Customer Onboarding Assistant

In today’s business world, the more a business knows its customers, the better it is for the business.
There are many ways to get to know customers better, such as observation. For example, a hotel might place a fruit basket in a customer’s room and observe which fruits disappear to understand the customer’s preferences and create a positive impression. However, a more straightforward method in the current era is to directly ask for information from the customer (Know Your Customer), such as asking customers to fill out a membership form to receive a discount on their next visit.

As businesses strive to know their customers better, they need to request more information, especially in the financial sector, which requires documents to verify identity. This often leads to problems in the customer sign-up or registration (Onboarding) process, where customers need to provide more information. Customers unfamiliar with online registration or those who encounter data entry issues may not complete the onboarding process successfully. These challenges can result in businesses losing customers. To address this issue, Appman has trained a team of Customer Onboarding Assistants.

What is a Customer Onboarding Assistant?

A Customer Onboarding Assistant is a person specially trained to assist in the new customer registration process of an organization. This role focuses on making the process smooth, efficient, and secure for the customer’s personal data. One of the distinctive features of this position is the flexibility in employment, allowing organizations to set the employment period according to their needs without having to hire permanent staff.

The Importance of Customer Onboarding Assistants

When customers cannot complete the Onboarding process, which may be due to errors in the transaction process, such as not being able to scan their face or submit incomplete documents, the onboarding process fails. Customer Onboarding Assistants play a crucial role in resolving these issues, assisting customers until the onboarding process is successfully completed.

Appman has trained Customer Onboarding Assistants to solve the problems organizations face in the customer onboarding process, starting from monitoring customer registration outcomes to solving encountered problems, thereby increasing the organization’s customer acquisition rate. The success of the onboarding process increases the likelihood of registration success and further enhances customer satisfaction.

Benefits for the Organization

1 Reducing Customer Loss:** Using Customer Onboarding Assistants can reduce the problems of unsuccessful onboarding. The team will help customers individually if there are any issues and solve them immediately until onboarding is successful. Without this assistance, some customers might give up due to the complexity and slow pace of onboarding.

2 Reducing Costs for Hiring Permanent Employees:** Customer Onboarding Assistants are temporary hires, allowing organizations to select and allocate the duration of employment. This can be scheduled flexibly, reducing the time and cost of training employees. 

3 Reducing the Use of Organizational Space:** Customer Onboarding Assistants do not need to use organizational space, as they must work in a high-security room certified to a particular standard, thus efficiently reducing the organization’s space usage.

4 Increasing Trust and Credibility for the Organization:** Customer Onboarding Assistants at APPMAN work in an environment of ISO/IEC 27001 standard, CSA STAR Level 2 in operations. Hence, the security of customer data makes the organization more trustworthy and credible to customers.

Benefits for Customers

1 Facilitating and Ensuring Successful Onboarding:** The service reduces complexity and increases efficiency in the onboarding process, especially for customers who might find the process complicated, such as the elderly.

2 Creating a Good Impression and Enhancing Experience:** The service ensures a smooth onboarding process, reducing confusion and increasing customer confidence, thereby creating a positive impression of the organization’s care for its customers.

3 Ensuring Privacy:** The service adheres to high-security standards similar to banks, ensuring customer data is kept confidential and secure, increasing customer trust.

In conclusion

using Customer Onboarding Assistants is an effective method in the customer registration process, reducing complexity, preventing customer loss for the organization, and creating a positive experience for customers. It also reduces costs and improves operational efficiency and quality for the organization in the digital age.

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