Enhance online customer service with Digital Face to Face

Digital Face to Face

Digital Face to Face is a technology that is widely used today to meet the continuous service needs, bridging the gap between organizations and customers, and facilitating easier deal closures. 

Digital Face to Face: A Strategy to Impress in the Digital Era

In an era where convenience is a top priority, various platforms strive to meet customer needs by emphasizing speed and convenience, while enhancing communication between organizations and customers for easier access. Consequently, video calling, through platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype, has become increasingly popular. This not only helps reduce communication errors but also helps organizations maintain relationships with customers.

What is Digital Face to Face?

Digital Face to Face is a technology that enables staff to securely communicate with customers via video call, whether for sales presentations, information verification, platform demonstrations, or closing sales deals. Video call conversations enhance communication effectiveness, allowing sincere and attentive interaction with customers, thus building trust and leaving a lasting impression.

Digital Face to Face

Contacting Customers, Verifying Information, and Providing On-Point Services

Effective video call communication can elevate an organization in the following ways:

  1. Consumer Expectations 

Nowadays, online service users expect quick responses. Video calling allows customers to discuss issues directly with staff and solve problems accurately.

  1. Building Trust

Transparent communication builds trust between the organization and its users, laying the foundation for a lasting relationship.

  1. Listening and Problem Solving 

Digital Face to Face facilitates immediate feedback or issue reporting by users, allowing organization staff to respond and resolve issues promptly.

  1. Innovative Improvements

Listening to user feedback can lead to platform service improvements, fostering new innovations that better meet market demands.

  1. Competition

Digital Face to Face becomes a key factor that distinguishes an organization from competitors by securely connecting with customers, reducing communication gaps, and making an excellent impression.

Features That Make Closing Deals Easier

Upgrade to a full-fledged digital platform with Appman’s Digital Face to Face, allowing customer interactions through a comprehensive video call system.

  • Consent Recording

Records consent according to PDPA law, preventing disputes.

  • Screen Sharing 

Customers can share their screens to show staff where they encounter problems, allowing for better service enhancement.

  • Appman OCR

Uses OCR technology for identity verification, saving time and reducing document costs.

  • Face Recognition

Face verification technology prevents identity fraud, quickly authenticating individual identities.

  • Cyber Theft Prevention

Talking face-to-face with staff increases reliability, preventing fraudulent money transfers from suspicious links.

Using the Digital Face to Face strategy offers an impressive experience to service users. Besides face-to-face conversations, it provides stricter security than regular video calls, preventing data leaks and fraud, and enhancing the organization’s image in the long term.

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