The Insurance business with AppMan E-Surveyor

In today’s era, technology plays a crucial role in the insurance business, whether it’s using technology to calculate insurance premiums, aiding in insurance selection, or checking various insurance rates. It is widely acknowledged that the integration of technology into the insurance industry has greatly satisfied both customers and business operators. This is because it has significantly increased convenience and accuracy, making the entire process much smoother.

Typically, in the process of car insurance, there is a step for inspecting the exterior condition of the vehicle. This inspection is usually carried out by an inspector or an employee who is responsible for physically examining the customer’s car at its location. However, this approach may not be feasible in all areas due to limitations in service coverage and distance. To address this pain point, AppMan E-Surveyor was developed to enable comprehensive vehicle inspections to be conducted universally and in all locations.

Introducing AppMan E-Surveyor.

AppMan E-Surveyor is an innovative solution designed to make purchasing insurance as easy as a few taps on your smartphone. Would it be better if buying car insurance didn’t require you to leave your car for inspection? AppMan E-Surveyor changes the inspection process into a digital face-to-face or video call format, allowing inspectors to assess your vehicle remotely based on system-generated guidelines. Convenient, swift, and easy, it eliminates all constraints regarding distance and location. This sets a new standard in the industry and leverages technology to simplify life. Buying and selling car insurance will no longer be a daunting task.

Transforming the Insurance Business with AppMan E-Surveyor.

With the AppMan E-Surveyor product, which is an innovation utilizing technology to almost 100%, it can help reduce time and costs significantly. It’s an innovation that greatly meets the needs of consumers’ lifestyles in the present era. Therefore, the main advantages of AppMan E-Surveyor for the insurance business are numerous. Let’s illustrate 5 key benefits together.

1.Cost Reduction

AppMan E-Surveyor operates online, eliminating various limitations such as travel constraints. This is because the product utilizes Digital Face to Face technology or video calls for vehicle inspections. Consequently, it effectively reduces travel expenses. Additionally, it reduces costs for insurance businesses regarding on-site inspections, which typically require outsourcing or deploying staff to assess vehicles. With AppMan E-Surveyor, inspections are conducted via video calls, replacing the need for physical presence.

2.Time-saving in inspections.

Conventional vehicle inspections typically involve significant waiting time for an inspector to arrive at the location or for customers to queue up at inspection branches. This process can be time-consuming. However, our AppMan E-Surveyor was developed to minimize wait times, making vehicle inspections quick and efficient. With our solution, inspections are easy, consume minimal time, and can be conducted anywhere without complicated procedures. Time is saved, and data management is streamlined, eliminating the hassle of dealing with paperwork.

3.You can get car insurance from anywhere.

The AppMan E-Surveyor was conceived to provide utmost convenience to insurance businesses, particularly considering customers in remote areas who may find it inconvenient to travel to inspection branches. Additionally, the company itself may face limitations in sending representatives or employees for inspections due to spatial constraints and travel difficulties. Recognizing the importance of this issue, we developed a product that enables vehicle inspections to be conducted even in remote areas. Regardless of distance, customers no longer need to worry about paperwork. Furthermore, our product meets all the insurance policyholders’ needs.

4. Real-time reporting

The technology utilized by AppMan E-Surveyor as a modern innovation is Digital Face to Face. This means insurance agents can directly communicate with customers, engage in discussions, provide explanations, and offer recommendations face-to-face through video calls. Additionally, it includes digital data storage and conducting all operations online, enhancing convenience. This enables immediate data retrieval into the system. Real-time reporting has the advantage of allowing inspectors to assess the condition of more vehicles in a day, increasing efficiency.

5. Increased vehicle inspections.

With our product being capable of performing all tasks online and utilizing technology to assist, it not only reduces costs but, importantly, also significantly reduces the time required for inspections. This allows for a substantial increase in the number of vehicle inspections conducted. Moreover, it greatly improves document management, further reducing the workload for staff. With features facilitating convenience such as screen sharing, document uploads, and OCR technology for data reading, inspectors can now conduct insurance assessments much more efficiently. This increase in efficiency does not compromise the quality of inspections.

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