Appman joins the Supply Chain 3.0

Appman participates in the Supply Chain 3.0 event: The Era of Online Management and AI, at The Mitr-ting Room, 5th Floor, Samyan Mitrtown, on February 20th, 2567, from 01.00 p.m. to 05.30 p.m.

Presented by Mr. Amarit Franssen, CBDO and Co-Founder of AppMan, the topic is “Revolutionizing Data Management: The Power of AI and OCR Technology in Digitizing Paper-Based Data into Business Insights by AppMan.

The Supply Chain 3.0 event is a seminar that gathers experts from leading organizations and the government in the transportation industry, including technology leaders in AI. They come together to present new solutions for supply chain management, share knowledge, and provide valuable insights for businesses. Whether you are a logistics entrepreneur, product owner, or part of a related field, don’t miss the opportunity to attend the seminar to drive change in your business and elevate the efficiency and sustainable growth of your supply chain management practices. At the event, you will have the chance to meet experts from various leading organizations in areas such as Enterprise Software Solutions, Online Logistics Platforms, Financial Solutions, Warehouse Management, and Optical Character Recognition (AI).

Furthermore, Appman also offers a Background Checker solution platform for submitting and checking employee backgrounds, which can cover up to 8 aspects, as follows:

  1. Criminal record
  2. Employment history
  3. Educational background
  4. Verification of income falsification from previous employment
  5. Employee references
  6. Bankruptcy status
  7. Damaging news or online media history
  8. International criminal record (Global Sanctions)

How does our service contribute to the Supply Chain business?

In the transportation business, the majority of operations rely on manpower, including checking the backgrounds of transportation employees, drivers, as well as various technicians. This is because it’s an industry heavily reliant on human labor. Additionally, trustworthy individuals with transparent backgrounds who can be relied upon are essential. However, background checks for employees typically take a long time and the results may not be available immediately, leading to delayed hiring processes and potentially slowing down business operations. From this pain point, the Appman Background Checker was developed to address the challenges of the technology era. It enables quick and instant background checks on employees with just a fingerprint scan, eliminating the need to wait for documents. Moreover, it is fully compliant with PDPA regulations. The Background Checker ensures that the process of employee background checks is no longer a cumbersome task.

In addition, Appman also offers OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solutions, which is a technology that integrates AI to convert various images and documents into digital data. This enables efficient management of documents and supports uploading multiple files at once, streamlining the process of document submission and recording into the system. The OCR innovation incorporates state-of-the-art AI and Machine Learning, combined with accuracy verification by professional human teams, evolving into a “Hybrid AI” that enhances accuracy and meets global security standards for document conversion and data entry for organizations across various industries.

Why choose Appman OCR?

FINNOMENA, a financial technology (Fintech) company providing investment data analysis and asset management services, chooses Appman OCR because FINNOMENA must compete against market segmentation and major financial service competitors in the market to become a market leader in financial technology. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously innovate and create a competitive edge by providing excellent customer experiences through FINNOMENA technology. The company aims to grow significantly by creating over a thousand accounts each day, with only 7-8 employees responsible for data analysis and accuracy verification. This situation increases the likelihood of errors and consumes more time than necessary in operations. 

By adopting OCR technology, FINNOMENA aims to reduce the time taken to onboard new customers, especially in the step of extracting information from ID cards, which can save up to 70% of the time. Recognizing the opportunity to enhance security measures for data protection and facilitate account opening, FINNOMENA utilizes AppMan’s OCR technology. Customers can simply take a photo of their ID card and verify their identity to initiate the process. The system instantly verifies the accuracy and processes the data using AppMan OCR. With this technology, the company can reduce the initial customer screening time by almost 60-70%, enabling customers to open accounts faster, reducing workload for staff, minimizing errors, and enhancing the overall customer experience.
The success of FINNOMENA.

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