7 methods to check employee background in 2024


Employee background checks are a crucial step that should not be overlooked to ensure that your organization selects employees who are suitable in terms of skills and behavior. This article will explore the methods of employee background checks available in 2024.

Entering the Digital Age with Legal Criminal Background Checks

There are several ways to conduct employee background checks, but did you know that without the individual’s consent, it might risk violating personal data protection laws or PDPA?

However, nowadays, criminal background checks have become more comprehensive and do not violate individual rights according to the law. Each method is specific and differs as follows:

Contacting Police Stations or Authorized Agencies

If an organization wants to check an employee’s criminal history, it can submit a request at a police station or a state agency authorized to provide criminal history information. This requires the individual’s consent and takes about 15-30 days to get the results.

Self-Service Checks

The method of checking criminal backgrounds has become more convenient. It’s possible to check through the criminal records registry website by taking a photo with your ID card for identity verification. Then, you can choose whether to receive the check results yourself or assign someone else to do it on your behalf.

Hiring a Background Check Company

For agencies wanting to check the criminal background of many personnel, hiring a criminal background check company is an option. They have a team to check work history, educational background, references, and various civil and criminal cases, taking about 7-14 days for the process.

Checking Work History

Work history can be verified by checking with social security to see if the employee has worked at the companies mentioned in their resume, ensuring there’s no false claim or document forgery.

Checking Financial Credit and Bankruptcy Status

To ensure that job applicants do not have a bankruptcy status, are not blacklisted by credit bureaus, or have financial problems, organizations should check the financial credit of employees. If they are bankrupt, the company must deal with creditors as well.

Checking Educational History

For organizations wanting to verify the educational background of job applicants, to check if they falsely claimed university credentials in their CV or Resume, direct verification from the university’s student registry is possible, taking about 7-14 days for the process.

Checking for Damaging News Online

If applicants have been involved in social issues or had damaging news online, it could negatively affect the organization’s image. To prevent future problems, it’s advisable to check reliable news sources online to ensure the employee has not been involved in damaging incidents.

Employee background checks are specific and depend on the organization’s purpose of what they wish to verify. These methods help companies make better hiring decisions, reducing the risk of employing unsuitable candidates. However, all these actions must be legally compliant and respect individual rights, building trust in the organization that it has capable and well-performing employees.

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