Prevention: Digital Identity Verification: The Key to Secure Transactions in Online Business.

eKYC - Key of eCommerce

In an era where everything can be done via smartphones, online shopping is likely a favorite activity for many due to its convenience and speed. However, this also comes with security concerns. Identity verification before making a purchase has become another solution service providers use to build customer confidence.

But there are various forms of identity verification, from basic such as entering a password to more stringent methods like national ID verification, which may cause discomfort for users due to the personal nature of the information. Today, we want to help everyone understand why it is necessary to verify a national ID before making a purchase.

Why is identity verification necessary for online purchases?

Because the purchase of goods and services online has age restrictions, typically set at 18 years and older, for the following reasons:

  • Legal responsibility: At the age of 18, individuals are considered adults and are legally capable of being responsible for their actions, including entering into contracts and purchasing age-restricted goods or services such as alcohol or tobacco.
  • Youth protection: Children and adolescents are at high risk of facing social or psychological harm from decisions made without full maturity. Age verification helps prevent access to inappropriate goods or services.
  • Security: Applications or websites with adult content require age verification to prevent youth from accessing unsuitable material.
  • Marketing requirements: Some products or services target consumers who are 18 and older, such as online games with in-app purchases, books, and films with violent or sexual content, language use, etc.
  • Laws and social norms: In Thai society, 18 is the age when one begins adulthood, capable of making more independent life decisions. Therefore, verifying that someone is 18 or older ensures they have the appropriate rights and responsibilities to access age-restricted products or services.

Identity Verification with eKYC System

eKYC, or Electronic Know Your Customer, is the use of digital technology in the process of verifying the identity of customers or service users. The objective is to check and confirm the accuracy of personal information, prevent access to inappropriate products or services, and to thwart illegal transactions.

The eKYC system is convenient, fast, and accurate, characterized by the following features:

  • Digital Technology: Utilizes OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to read information from documents, identity cards, or recognize faces through cameras.
  • Verified Data Use: eKYC connects with government databases to confirm accurate and reliable information.
  • Efficiency and Speed: Users can instantly verify their identity from anywhere at any time, without the need to travel to a physical location, saving on operational costs and paperwork.
  • Security: User data is encrypted and securely stored according to PDPA standards, ensuring no data leakage.

eKYC has become increasingly popular because it meets the convenience needs of service users. Many organizations recognize the importance of implementing eKYC to reduce risks and operational expenses.

A good identity verification system must be accurate and secure.

As mentioned, online shoppers are well accustomed to verifying their identity before purchasing products, especially since some goods and services are age-restricted, necessitating identity confirmation through an ID card to check the date of birth against the database.

However, identity verification using an ID card can make users uneasy about potential data breaches. Organizations concerned with the security of customer data thus opt for APPMAN’s e-KYC service, which offers high accuracy and security. It can swiftly and accurately extract information from ID cards or passports with a 98.7% accuracy level and supports both Thai and English.

Designed for businesses or industries that require identity verification or user account creation, APPMAN e-KYC is easy to use, convenient, and meets every requirement according to the same standards as leading financial institutions.

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