What should the company do? In the case of the news about an employee deceiving 16 companies at the same time

In China, a woman named Guan Yuewei devised a complex plan to work at 16 companies simultaneously by creating impressive identities and using intricate deception techniques in her job applications and position verifications at each company. This included utilizing pictures from job interviews to pretend that she was meeting with clients. Her husband, Chen Qiang, who had legal expertise, helped find loopholes in the laws to make her plan successful. She managed to work for 3 years without getting caught, and during that time, she and her husband were able to accumulate wealth to the point of being able to purchase a luxury home in Shanghai. She also kept meticulous records which allowed her to manage all her job positions, and when the workload increased, she hired others to help, sharing commissions with them.

However, in the end, in January 2023, Liu Jian, the owner of one of the companies she worked for, investigated and discovered irregularities in the documents, which led to an investigation that exposed large-scale fraud and tax evasion from her and her husband’s bank accounts.

From the investigation, officials found capital evasion amounting to 50 million yuan (about 240 million baht), and eventually arrested the couple along with 53 other involved individuals. Currently, this case serves as a warning for other companies in China to be more cautious.

What should the company do to prevent incidents like this case?

Currently, a resume is one of the most important documents in the job application process and significantly aids employers in making informed hiring decisions. However, in an era of rapidly advancing technology, verifying the authenticity of the information provided by applicants can be increasingly challenging. This is evident in the case of the woman in China who fraudulently altered her employment documents over a period of more than 3 years, deceitfully engaging with 16 companies consecutively, and causing substantial damage to her employers. Therefore, organizations must employ meticulous verification processes to prevent potential issues that could adversely affect the business in the future

Employee Verification Service: Verifying the Employment History of Employees

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