Get to know ‘E-Surveyor’, a new service that InsurTech businesses must be ready to cater to user needs


The recovering labor market is giving the automotive industry a chance to expand even more. The E-Surveyor service, which checks a car’s condition before purchasing insurance, is therefore becoming increasingly significant in transactions. This is because car buyers need to have insurance for various potential accidents or disasters involving their vehicles.

Today, we would like to introduce everyone to the vehicle condition inspection service before buying insurance, explaining what it is and how it can facilitate convenience for car users

AppMan E-Surveyor: What Is It?

Today, technology plays a crucial role in the insurance industry, whether it’s in premium checking, price calculation, or as an aid in purchasing insurance. These technological solutions provide convenience for insurance buyers, greatly satisfying customers who value speed and ease

Recognizing this trend, AppMan has identified the importance of leveraging technology to meet the needs of car insurance buyers. They offer the E-Surveyor service, a pre-insurance car condition check, to break the constraints of location using Digital Face to Face technology. This service is setting a new standard for InsurTech businesses focused on user convenience

AppMan E-Surveyor facilitates online car condition assessments, reducing travel costs for inspection teams and decreasing the required manpower from one person per four cars to one person per twelve cars. This efficiency not only speeds up the workflow but also reduces unnecessary paperwork and saves time, enhancing overall productivity and customer satisfaction

Why Choose AppMan E-Surveyor?

AppMan E-Surveyor stands out from traditional car inspection methods that require scheduling appointments with customers and having staff physically travel to inspect the vehicle. After inspection, the results are sent to the insurance company, a process that could take 2-3 days, often lengthy and disorganized in data management

However, with E-Surveyor, car inspections can be completed within just one hour, involving only two simple steps:

  1. The inspection staff sends a Link or QR Code to the customer.
  2. The staff guide the customer through the online car inspection process. This includes identity verification, checking the insurance policy number, reviewing the vehicle registration, and taking photos of the vehicle from various angles to complete the inspection.

Once the car inspection is complete, the data is digitally recorded, reducing paperwork and providing more organized data management compared to traditional methods. This leads to a better customer experience, streamlining the inspection process while ensuring thorough and efficient handling of essential details

APPMAN E-surveyor 2

Create a Memorable Experience with Digital Face to Face

Create a Memorable Experience with Digital Face to Face

The AppMan E-Surveyor’s car inspection process offers customers a positive experience through real-time video call communication. This includes convenient features like screen sharing, document uploading, and data reading using OCR technology, saving time and reducing organizational travel costs.

Save on Manpower, Time, and Expenses

The E-Surveyor service for pre-purchase car insurance inspections is a solution that allows insurance companies to connect with customers more easily. It helps reduce workload, saves service costs, yet maintains the quality of the inspection process as per insurance company standards.

  • It helps cut costs, such as travel expenses for physical car inspections, or the costs of hiring outsourced staff.
  • Real-time inspection reports enable a higher volume of car inspections while maintaining inspection efficiency.
  • Shortens work duration, allowing for increased customer service and supporting diverse service growth.

E-Surveyor for pre-purchase car insurance inspections is a technology that elevates the operations of insurance companies to fully meet customer needs.

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