5 Advantages of Using “E-Surveyor” Services for Car Insurance Buyers

Nowadays, modern InsurTech companies are integrating technology into insurance services. One such service is E-Surveyor, an online vehicle inspection service recognized in the insurance industry. In this article, we will explore the five advantages of E-Surveyor and why car buyers are choosing to use it.

E-Surveyor is a solution developed by AppMan to cater to comprehensive insurance claim services. This solution overcomes geographical limitations through Digital Face to Face technology, allowing sales representatives and customers to interact in real-time. Its advantages include:

5 Advantages of Using “E-Surveyor” Services for Car Insurance Buyers

Time-Efficient Inspections

E-Surveyor differs from traditional inspection methods as it only takes about one hour, streamlining unnecessary steps with Digital Face to Face technology. This not only saves travel time but also organizes data systematically, eliminating the hassle of paperwork.

Reduced Travel Expenses

E-Surveyor can cut the company’s costs by up to 60%, saving on travel expenses to physically inspect vehicles and on outsourcing personnel costs.

Real-Time Reporting

With Digital Face to Face, agents can directly interact with customers and digitally store data, allowing immediate system integration. This feature enables staff to inspect multiple vehicles in a day.

Increased Productivity Without Compromising Quality

As an online system, E-Surveyor enables staff to inspect vehicles without the need to travel, reducing working time by 60%. It comes with convenient features like screen sharing and document uploading. Data reading with OCR technology allows officers to inspect a large number of vehicles while maintaining the quality of inspection according to standards.

Covering Every Area, Even Remote Ones

The primary goal of AppMan E-Surveyor is to break the barriers of location and time. This solution can inspect the condition of vehicles in any area, no matter how remote. There’s no need to wait for officers to travel to the actual location. Data is recorded digitally, eliminating concerns about paperwork and meeting all the needs of insurance policyholders.

The E-Surveyor service for pre-insurance vehicle condition checks is a new solution chosen by leading insurance companies to meet customer needs. It not only facilitates the vehicle inspection process but also creates a positive customer experience for those choosing to purchase insurance.

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