How should modern HR adapt in a changing world?

The adaptation of HR

In an era of change, HR must also transform to keep pace with trends, particularly by incorporating technology into system management, whether for employee selection, personnel development, or promoting organizational resilience to fully embrace the digital age.

Developing people, developing organizations with new technologies in 2024

In 2024, new technologies will play an increasingly significant role in the workplace. Organizational development will focus on dealing with changes in the business world, developing personnel and organizations in various aspects. Therefore, HR needs to elevate its operations to another level, adapting and creating new strategies to accommodate a world filled with competition, challenges, and technological changes.

HR’s adaptation in the digital era includes the following:

Adjusting the Work Mindset

To elevate operations, it’s crucial for HR personnel to change their mindset to cope with new challenges, including:

1. Accepting and Adapting to Change

HR should embrace new technologies to adjust to the digital age, such as using new solutions for employee selection to screen quality personnel to join the organization.

2. Being Eager to Learn New Things Constantly

With more young people entering the workforce, this group will bring completely different ideas and lifestyles. HR personnel must keep up with the trends of the new generation, who often introduce new ideas.

3. Using Data in Decision-Making

Besides eagerness to learn, HR should develop the ability to analyze data by incorporating new technologies along with strategic planning for further personnel development.

4. Promoting Learning for Employees

As the digital world changes constantly, HR should encourage employee learning to provide access to various skills that can be used to develop the organization.

5. Creating Flexibility and Privacy

Post-COVID-19, the hybrid work model has become more popular because it meets the needs of modern society for privacy, reduces mental health issues, and still stimulates efficient work. The new generation prefers companies that do not require daily office attendance, so HR should change the organizational structure to attract more young people to join.

Using Technology Beneficially

In addition to changing the work mindset, embracing new technologies to aid work is crucial for:

1. Allocating Human Resources

To smoothly allocate human resources, HR should use software for human resource management, such as pre-employment criminal background checks, attendance recording, salary payment, and benefits management.

2. Developing Personnel

Organizations should develop efficient personnel by using software in training or providing E-Learning courses for employees to train online, promoting skill development.

3. Internal Organizational Communication

Nowadays, using Line is not sufficient for work because it does not back up data and creates an overlap between personal life and work. This makes the new generation view life as work without balance. HR should use new technologies for communication, such as Discord, Google Chat, or Slack, which offer more functions and meet work needs better, making work feel less burdensome.

Incorporating technology not only eliminates unnecessary repetitive tasks but also helps HR manage work more efficiently, meet new challenges, and create opportunities for organizational success in the future.

It’s undeniable that in the digital era, everything changes constantly. HR’s adaptation is necessary to demonstrate care for employees and promote the organization’s full entry into the digital age.

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