What is the Dip Chip Rider Service? How Does It Benefit Organizations?

The “Dip Chip Rider” service plays a crucial role in the online transaction landscape that significantly impacts modern life. Whether opening bank accounts through an application or making various investments, applicants must perform identity verification (KYC). However, online identity verification sometimes has vulnerabilities that can lead to fraud and damage to organizations. Hence, the “Dip Chip Rider” service offers to perform identity verifications at a customer-designated location, enhancing the efficiency of customer data verification.

In this article, we will introduce what the “Dip Chip Rider” service is and how it benefits organizations.

What is Dip Chip Rider?

Dip Chip Rider is a customer identity verification (KYC) method using an identity card as the primary tool. The Dip Chip process verifies information through a data-embedded chip on the ID card, executed by expert riders who travel to customers to perform the verifications in person. This enables organizations to efficiently gather customer information, such as face, name, date of birth, religion, nationality, and the 13-digit ID number. Therefore, the Dip Chip service is especially beneficial for financial services, banks, or insurance businesses that require access to a large customer data pool.

With Dip Chip verification, organizations receive up-to-date customer information and enhance the security of the acquired data. This reduces the risk of encountering customers with illegal intentions, such as account fraud or money laundering.

The Significance of Dip Chip for Identity Assurance Level (IAL) 2.3

IAL, or Identity Assurance Level, represents the degree to which a service applicant’s identity is verified by an identity provider (IdP). The advantage of IAL is that it reduces the risk of identity fraud and increases the accuracy of collecting data for online transactions.

The Dip Chip verification falls under IAL 2.3, which includes the following verification methods:

  • Verification of identity features using an ID card reader, comparing an individual’s biographical details with the data stored on the ID card’s chip.
  • If an ID card reader is not used, identity verification is conducted by checking the card’s identity information through a state agency’s verification system using the ID card number. The IdP will perform a biometric comparison or a digital facial recognition to authenticate the individual’s identity.
  • The IdP also verifies the service applicant’s contact methods, such as sending a one-time password (OTP) via SMS or email.

Advantages of the Dip Chip Rider Service for Modern Organizations

The Dip Chip service brings several benefits to contemporary organizations, such as:

  1. Ensuring Authentic Identity of Service Applicants
    With the use of Dip Chip, organizations can be confident that the individuals applying for their services are indeed who they claim to be. This service requires a photo of the individual and utilizes ID cards for identity verification, ensuring customers possess a true identity and are not fraudulently misrepresenting themselves.
  2. Preventing the Use of Fake ID Cards in Applications
    The use of counterfeit ID cards is a societal issue affecting various aspects, especially when used for fraudulent transactions leading to phantom or fake accounts. Dip Chip verification employs a chip on the ID card for an identity check, providing organizations with the assurance that the ID cards being verified are legitimate.
  3. Securing Personal Data from Leaks
    ID card data, being sensitive information, could cause significant harm to the owner if leaked. Dip Chip verification helps mitigate the risk of such leaks, as applicant data is safeguarded, enhancing organizational credibility.
  4. Convenience for Service Applicants
    The Dip Chip Rider service increases convenience for applicants as they can request a rider to perform Dip Chip verification at their location, saving them the time and effort of traveling to a branch.
  5. No Need for Additional Branch Expansion
    As is well-known, opening new branches involves high costs and risks, particularly in less developed areas. The Dip Chip Rider service can reduce these costs with riders ready to serve throughout Thailand, enabling organizations to reach customers in every area without significant investment.
  6. National Expansion Capability
    The nationwide coverage of the service allows organizations to reach people in every region, removing distance as a barrier and facilitating customer access to services. This capability aids in the progressive growth and development of the organization.

Why Choose Dip Chip Rider with APPMAN?

Using the Dip Chip Rider service with APPMAN provides comprehensive ID card reading and identity verification, benefiting both organizations and customers. With an expert team of riders available across all 77 provinces in Thailand, operations are trustworthy and verifiable. Clients can be assured that their sensitive ID card data is secure, supported by ISO27001 and CSA Star Level 2 standards.

In summary

utilizing the Dip Chip Rider service not only improves service quality but also increases organizational trustworthiness, securing reliable customers and reducing fraud risks. The Dip Chip Rider service by Appman ensures a higher quality of identity verification, bolstering trust and reliability.

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