Which AI Tools Will Chart New Directions for “New Age Marketing” in 2024?

Is your business seeking ways to harness the current AI trend that everyone is prioritizing, to be applied in your marketing campaigns this year?

AppMan recommends a pivotal tool: AI OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, capable of transforming image and document data into digital format while identifying its purpose and potential applications. It’s not just a data transformation tool; it’s a technology that can elevate your marketing campaign designs and offer deeper insights into your customers. The answers are right here.

AI OCR for Reward Campaigns: Simplifying and Elevating Marketing Campaign Design

The first tool we recommend for marketers in 2024 is utilizing OCR technology to enable customers to utilize this technology for reading receipts, codes, or vouchers for data input into systems, alongside easy subsequent analysis.

How Does AI OCR Enhance Marketing Campaigns?
  • AI Precision: With our current AI technology, it can almost fully read image data taken from mobile devices, whether it’s in Thai, English, or numerical data, from various receipt formats or special codes printed in different locations on products. This data reading allows companies to verify the accuracy and efficiency of customer participation in campaigns effectively.
  • Time-saving and Error Reduction: Using AI OCR reduces the time required for manual data entry, minimizing the risk of errors. This makes customers perceive campaign participation as more convenient and hassle-free.
  • Convenience for a Large Customer Base: Incorporating AI OCR in your reward campaigns provides customers with a seamless experience as they don’t need to input data manually. Additionally, the gathered data can be used for creating marketing offers for various other items.

AI Data Collector and Analysis: Storing and Processing a Vast Amount of Data to Explore New Marketing Avenues

In an era where data is crucial to businesses, understanding customer behavior is key in crafting effective marketing strategies. The primary source of this valuable data often lies in customer receipts. However, efficiently collecting detailed data from a vast number of receipts is no easy task. That’s where AI comes in.

How Does AI Data Collector and Analysis Revolutionize Marketing?
  • Expanding Data Sources: Using receipts as an analytics source significantly expands the scope of data collection. AI can access detailed information, from product selections to usage frequency, enabling a deeper understanding of customer preferences and buying habits.
  • AI Data Analysis: AI reads, stores, and processes data from receipts efficiently. This allows marketers to gain insights into product correlations, such as how purchasing Product A might influence future purchases of Product B.
  • Strategic Planning: The insights derived from this analysis can be used for marketing strategy planning. Marketers can design campaigns tailored to customer preferences, creating unique and efficient shopping experiences. Additionally, it opens opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.

AI OCR for Reward Campaigns not only transforms data collection but also creates new possibilities within the marketing industry. By choosing AppMan’s OCR solution, businesses can access a reliable, accurate, and efficient solution, setting them apart in the market.

This solution not only promotes business growth but also builds trust and convenience for your customers.

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